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Barn Renovations! Part 2: During

One day down, a few more to go! We didn’t get quite as much done as i’d like this past weekend, but we only had an afternoon to do the work as i had to work on Saturday. This coming … Continue reading


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Barn Renovations! Part 1: Before

This project is going to be exciting, tangible, a learning experience, investment for our future (and future animals) and really rewarding when it’s finished. I’m stoked. What is our current project, you ask? I’m re-designing the interior layout of our … Continue reading

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Vegetable Crafts

Who doesn’t love a good jack-o-lantern? My husband and i have been carving jack-0-lanterns together since we were just buds back in grad school in Savannah, GA. We bundled up this past Sunday evening and carved a couple of lovely … Continue reading

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Sham-Pooch: All Natural Bar Shampoo for Pooches!

I’m super happy to announce that my popular bar shampoo for dogs, Sham-Pooch is now available on Etsy. You may or may not be aware that i make natural soap under the business name Nude Soap. My hubs and i … Continue reading


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