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Note to Self…

Note to others, as it is too late to be useful to myself: When painting galvanizing, anti-rust paint onto your rabbit cages, crawl inside and paint the floors BEFORE you paint the tops or you’ll be in for a serious … Continue reading

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Roo Giveaway – Winner Announced!

Drumroll please……… Congratulations to Beth for winning a brand new Roo in your favorite color! An email will be sent to you shortly to request shipping info and all that jazz. Didn’t win? Don’t cry! I’m super stoked to offer … Continue reading


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Busy isn’t always best

“I’m always busy” is something you’ll probably hear me say pretty often. However, I don’t want to be part of the glorified ‘busy’ of America where we can’t feel like productive folks unless we’re frazzled all the time and part … Continue reading

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The American Dream

 Will we soon be living our dream in one of these places?


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