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Barn Renovations! Part 5: During, Again – Second side ALMOST finished

I’ve been quiet lately: a little thing called Thanksgiving happened, which i happened to have hosted and my waiting list is at the bursting point, forcing me to keep all noses to grindstones at all times! That being said, i … Continue reading

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Barn Renovations! Part 1: Before

This project is going to be exciting, tangible, a learning experience, investment for our future (and future animals) and really rewarding when it’s finished. I’m stoked. What is our current project, you ask? I’m re-designing the interior layout of our … Continue reading

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In The Rabbitry: Heat Wave

The kits are nearly a month old and their coats are nearly all on. Their colors fascinate me: the genetics behind them, the way they change as they get older. It’s such fun to watch and interesting to see which … Continue reading

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Welcome, Rabbits

My rabbit-tree is nearly complete and now houses 4 adorable and SOFT rabbits! Rabbits, who by the way were rather non-plussed about riding in the back of my car for two hours. Please join me in welcoming these 4 sweet … Continue reading


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