Welcome, Rabbits

My rabbit-tree is nearly complete and now houses 4 adorable and SOFT rabbits! Rabbits, who by the way were rather non-plussed about riding in the back of my car for two hours.

Please join me in welcoming these 4 sweet New Zealand rabbits to my barn. Bluebell, Blackberry and up and coming buck about town, Hazel-ra are all about 3 months old and should start their ‘careers’ sometime in May. I first thought of naming the buck Peter (as in Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit) but decided to go with all Watership Down characters for my first rabbit venture. I’m not COMPLETELY sold on Bluebell and Blackberry’s names – there are so many cool W.D. names! “Nightshade and Vervain” are in the running for Blackberry’s name and “Ash, Silverweed” and a few other names might replace Bluebell…. (Check out all the character names from Watership Down here). I tend to be hasty in my animal naming so don’t be surprised if i change their names on several occasions as i becomc more familiar with their actual personalities. 😉

I also purchased an adult doe bred to a handsome white buck back at the rabbitry i purchased all four from. Unfortunately, i chose to name her Hazel at first, before reconsidering in light of Hazel being the main character, a boy and rather magical. Since i’ll have my buck longer than my does (most likely) i thought i’d save that name for my buck. Which leaves this lovely lady un-named! I’m toying with several names i like from the book and need help deciding!

Names in the running: Clover, Strawberry or Dandelion. She’s a lovely red New Zealand so Strawberry seems the most fitting, but i just can’t decide!

More photos and info about my rabbitry to come next week when i can get some better photos. Pocket has already deemed it “the most exciting place on the farm” so i must have done something right!

What should i name this beautiful doe?


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  1. Mich H

    lol…my vote goes for the name Strawberry.

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