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This website and blog is a place of documentation, community and learning. You’ll find recipes, travel logs, reviews, tips, tutorials and the follies of a small family learning to farm in Oregon. The blog is also my small attempt at educating and enlightening the public about the joys of living responsibly and in excellent health. I hope you enjoy my posts and learn a little about gardening or cooking or just enjoy cute photos of Pocket. I post my trials and failures as well as my successes to share my learning process with you. Please feel free to comment on my posts with any tips, questions, praises or criticisms or contact me directly. I hope you will stick around and have some fun with me and my little family: grab my feed, subscribe by email or bookmark this page and feel free to leave me comments! Pocket Pause the website is also the home of my business, Fiber Friends and of Birdsong Farm plus some great resources for gardeners, farmers and cooks local and across the globe. Check back often for up to date info and available products!

I’m always happy to offer my advice, but I’ll never take myself too seriously!

By trade and passion, I am a children’s book illustrator, felter and fine artist. By passion and frugality, I am an avid gardener and wannabe farmer. I started blogging “An Austin Homestead” when i kept an urban homestead in Austin, TX with vegetable and herb gardens in my front yard, and a compost heap and some friendly chickens in the backyard. I’m now living with my husband and the namesake of this website: Pocket the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, just south of Pedee, Oregon on 17.5 acres of potential. We bought our “farm” in December of 2012 and immediately began writing to-do lists on how to convert a dilapidated 3 thousand square foot home, leaky barn, and scotch broom infested pasture into a productive and self sustainable homestead.

I love cooking delicious, usually healthy things utilizing as many homegrown (or farm direct) ingredients as I can, and when I’m not filling the kitchen with tantalizing dinner smells I fill it with delightful aromas of freshly made soap. I write recipes, when I remember to. I love teaching people how to live frugally and in sync with the planet and seasons. I’m excited to continue learning age old skills like spinning yarn and using herbs as medicine. I’m a crazy entrepreneur at heart and am happy with the growing success of my small business, Fiber Friends and excited about expanding my market for pastured eggs, domestic rabbit and other niche farm products.

Thanks so much for reading Pocket Pause. I hope you’ll join the ride with me and mine as we get our hands dirty in the Oregon coastal foothills.


Miranda & Pocket

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  1. Kitty

    What a wonderful life you have. We used to live on a small farm in Molalla, Oregon but when DH retired we moved to Lapine, Or for financial reasons. We have had our 2 corgigirls for 9 years, they are litter mates. They are the most wonderful girls in the world, spoiled, yes, but so full of love. Luci is a red head and Nikki is a tri. If we could afford it we would adopt dozens more. I miss Molalla and our chickens and goats and the ability to grow fruits and veggies but I love the quiet and of course the snow.

  2. I just found you via the Blog Paws Wednesday link-up. Love your site and your photos, and then I see you just moved from Austin, Texas to Oregon (I’m so jealous – was in Oregon last October), and also see you sell on Etsy like I do! I will definitely keep up with your farming adventures.

  3. Melanie Wirkkala

    Hi Miranda and Pocket, I found your website through pinterest when I was looking for a roasted vegetables recipe. I was thrilled to see a corgi on your website since we have two corgi girls (Miss Bucks and Miss Lizzie). We live in Centralia, Washington and I work at the mall office at the Centralia Outlets. Stop in and say hi if you’re ever in the neighborhood. Melanie

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