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Fiber Friday: My First Mittens!

I coined 2012 as the “year for wrist warmers” earlier in the Summer… and have yet to knit a pair. BUT i knit my husband a pair of mittens for our evening walks instead! I’m not completely satisfied, but he … Continue reading


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Fiber Friday: Knitting The Tiniest Scarf

I’ve been felting full time lately, stocking my Etsy shop with lots of cute Christmas ornaments, bringing them to holiday markets and even dropping off a selection at Stash, a local yarn shop. I’m loving the freedom of creating critters … Continue reading


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Recommended Reading for Knitters – Patterns for Handmade Gifts

It’s that time of the year: it’s dark early and the holidays are just around the corner… especially if you’re planning on making all your holiday gifts. If you’re a knitter, i have the perfect two books for you to … Continue reading

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Fiber Fridays: DIY Yarn Bowl

If you knit, you’ve undoubtedly experienced that “geez, there should be a kitten in here” moment when your ball of yarn goes flying across the room. It’s frustrating, right? Center pull balls are usually more well behaved, but so often … Continue reading


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