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Wordless Wednesday: Farm Helper

Pocket is such a help around the farm…. though it’d be nice if she could help pluck! Darned her lack of thumbs. Does your dog help out at your place?


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Cooking with Guinea Hog – Pork Chops

I’m a big fan of bone in pork chops. I cook them often. My husband says i’ve mastered the technique. You really can’t beat cast iron, butter and pork fat – especially when it’s locally grown guinea hog fresh from … Continue reading


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He’s an Oregonian Now

I’ve come to impression that being an Oregonian is kind of like happiness: it’s a state of mind. Most “Oregonians” you’ll meet are actually FROM somewhere else. I was actually born in CT, but consider myself an Oregonian, having grown … Continue reading


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Make Your Own Ranch Dressing! (It’s probiotic, too!)

I am a salad guru. I often eat big salads for dinner, especially in Summer. I know i’m a guru, because my husband tells me so and guests always comment with yummy noises if i serve a salad at dinner. … Continue reading


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