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Spring Blooms and Burnin’ Stuff

It’s starting to look like Spring up here in the Kings Valley! Daffies are blooming, the crocus would be blooming if the slugs weren’t eating them, and the Indian Plum is in full, gorgeous force. They’re always the first thing … Continue reading


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The Roo Gardening Apron – Truly is a Tool, Not a Garment

I first saw The Roo at our local feed store. I didn’t yet have a garden, so although i was tantalized, i resisted. A few months passed and i found myself with chickens and rabbits requiring hay shlepping and forage … Continue reading


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Homestead Update: An Herbal Pathway (Plus a New Farm-hand!)

I mentioned last week that i’d been working on some aesthetic projects. I was so excited to finally add a proper entry way to our house and am now enjoying the lovely smell of lemon thyme every time i step … Continue reading


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On Sheet Mulching and The Very First Plant

Dirty hands are good for the soul. No really, it’s true. I heard on Radiolab or some other source that the good bacteria and other life found in soil can work in tandem with your body to elevate mood and … Continue reading


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