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Building a Rabbit Tractor from Scrap Materials

We built our chicken tractor/coop from scrap metal found in the barn and old 1x3s taken off our old roof during repairs, so you’d expect me to do more scrounging when it came to my next small project: a rabbit … Continue reading

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Pacific Northwest Mushrooming – By Dummies

haha – yes, that’s right “by” dummies, not “for” dummies, as we really don’ t know what the heck we’re doing. My husband and i LOVE foraging for mushrooms. We have two species we know how to ID (and know … Continue reading

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Barn Renovations! Part 2: During

One day down, a few more to go! We didn’t get quite as much done as i’d like this past weekend, but we only had an afternoon to do the work as i had to work on Saturday. This coming … Continue reading


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Barn Renovations! Part 1: Before

This project is going to be exciting, tangible, a learning experience, investment for our future (and future animals) and really rewarding when it’s finished. I’m stoked. What is our current project, you ask? I’m re-designing the interior layout of our … Continue reading

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