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Fiber Friends are tiny critters and corgis hand needle-felted from all natural wool. Lifelike yet whimsical, Fiber Friends are a blend of my illustrative style and realistic portraiture – the likeness to their “big” friends is uncanny! They make me giggle and I think they play around my studio when i’m not looking.  I love custom orders and am especially honored to create commemorative pieces for beloved pets gone on to the rainbow bridge. Pocket is my muse and ambassador and the real driving force behind what i do.


When ordering from Fiber Friends, please be ready to send me several pictures of your pet. The best photos are clear, well lit and include shots from each side, the front, back, from above and of any special markings.

Shop:   Send me a message,  shop online, or fill out the contact form below for more info on how to commission your own pet portrait or mobile. I accept personal checks and credit cards via Paypal or Square. I can invoice you directly or fill orders placed via my website: it’s your preference!

Read more about my inspiration and process: About me,  Polk Itemizer-Observer newspaper article, The Daily Corgi and this Fiber Friday feature. You can also read all about ordering mobiles here and see more of the process here.

Fiber Friends raves and reviews: Un-Tacked holiday gift guide, Corgi DogsAmanda Photographic, Art and Corgs, Son of a Sailor, The Daily Corgi , Dogster, The Indignant Corgi, Dolls and Miniatures Magazine (UK), Gerty the Corgi and Corgi Butts. – Winner of 1st and 2nd place ribbons from the Black Sheep Gathering, Eugene OR 2012.

Real Life Fiber Friends:  Check out the Fiber Friends tag to see all my Fiber Friday posts featuring my favorite Fiber Friends, often posing along side their real life muses.

I’m verklempt! Adorability quotient off charts! And am so pleased she’ll get it for her shower! – Colleen on the West Coast, USA

Miranda is so easy to work with and really cares about making the exact mobile that you have in mind! She has an amazing attention to detail and worked very hard to match our little pup. She showed us progress reports along the way and finished the custom mobile MUCH quicker than we expected. Communication was great, and Miranda is great to work with. I would highly recommend anyone that’s thinking about getting a custom mobile made to contact her and ask for her ideas. You won’t be disappointed! Thanks Miranda! – Jon in New Jersey

Hi Miranda,
We gave my boss her two little pups today and she said they were the best present of all time! That’s a rave review!  Thanks again. – Eva in New York

Oh my goodness, I am so impressed.  The puppies look just precious and really capture their spirit.  The mobile is stunning and I have it hung already.  It’s just perfect! – Emily in California

I love custom orders and often have a waiting list. Each order is processed in the order received and given many hours of care and attention to detail. Most orders are completed and shipped within 2 weeks except during the holiday season. “Rush” orders are available and special occasion orders should be placed well ahead of time to be sure your order is finished in time.

2015 prices:

  • Custom Pet Portraits start at $90.00
  • Farm animals, ornaments and other in stock Friends start at just $30
  • Mobiles are priced based on number of elements and complexity:
    • Assembly, including choice of 5 ribbon colors on hoop: $30
    • Each strand of 3-5 colorful felt balls: $15 / Add appliqued designs to balls for a small additional fee
    • Custom animals to match your pet: $75-$95
    • Basic “breed standard” animals: $50-$75

Shop online now or Use this form to send a custom request!

 Custom orders placed with me will be securely invoiced via Paypal (checks also accepted).

Recent testimonials:

Highly recommend, great seller! A lot of attention to detail and great communication. I received an email with pictures of my order before he was even shipped. Great memory for a deceased pet. – Tara in CT

Miranda, we received little Hank and he came out great! You really did a fantastic job—we can’t wait for Mieke to see him. – Sarah in NY

Oh Sweet JESUS it is PERFECT!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!! – Amy

Miranda, I have to tell you how amazing my little Jackson is!! I thought they were adorable online, but I wasn’t expecting to be totally blown away! He is perfect! His coat is spot on and it is just so special! Thank you so much— I really love him!  – Jessica in Austin, TX

Hi Miranda, great news….. my Rosie fiber friend arrived safely today! :) It is really perfect. You have even put detail on the bottom of the paws! :) The colours are beautiful and it’s so soft. It actually made me cry when I first saw it. ♥ I’m surprised at how quickly it arrived all the way from the US. You packed it so well. Thank you again. Kindest regards   –Hanna :) (United Kingdom)

I can not express how pleased I am with fiber friends! There was great communication and Rory and Finnian turned out perfectly!! My mom is going to absolutely flip. Your work is beautiful and so well done.  My mom LOVED her pocket corgis!! She teared up when she saw Finnians. My whole family keeps talking about how much they look like Rory and Finnian. Thank you so much you have such a talent :) – Laura

My little Rocky matches my Rocky corgi exactly! Sooo cool! Thank you! Can’t wait to order my next pocket corgi!! =) – Julie


40 Responses to Fiber Friends

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  2. Aparna B.

    So cute!! I wish I could have the frog-dog corgi!

  3. Whitney

    I would love to win one of these! I saw them on The Daily Corgi and they are SO CUTE!

  4. sandy grambort

    totally in love with your talent!!!

  5. Chris

    Oooooo, I wanna win a corgi!! Pick me daily corgi, Frosty needs a pal!!

  6. Laura Fox

    It would be amazing to win that cutie corgi thats being given away! Hes the perfect size for my usually-to-small-for-a-corgi apartment.

  7. ElaineB

    Your felted creations are wonderful! I hope I win the corgi!

  8. I love the felt corgi. I hope I win the give-a-way as mentioned on Facebook. I have had two corgis in my life and couldn’t have asked for better dogs.
    Danielle Alio recently posted…My time in Ecuador

  9. Debby Phillips

    I absolutely love your felted animals! One of these days I will order custom versions of my previous Corgis, Reilly & Finnegan. :) Such an amazing talent you have!

  10. Taylor Greve

    I love it! I’m also interested in adopting the little felted corg from the Daily Corgi! :)

  11. Love your pocket corgi!! I would love to be entered to win it!!
    Lori recently posted…dentist…check

  12. Sandy Tuttle

    I truly love those lil fiber corgis

  13. Elaine Birch

    My corgi goes crazy over ham, though she rarely gets it.

  14. Virginia Rudloff


  15. Linda

    Spanky love to lie on his back next to the wall with his legs propped up against the wall, or he will lie with his head propped against the wall or a door as a pillow.

  16. Taylor Greve

    I don’t have a corgi, unfortunately, but my favorite corgi pose is the sploot!

  17. Debora

    Your work is beautiful! I love corgis and have a small collection of handmade sheep figures that began with a wool and wire sheep in 1969. I have my eye on your black sheep gathering!!!!

  18. Debora

    Love your work, have subscribed to your blog via email, and I sure hope to win the give-away!

  19. sheryle bleashka

    my corgi gingers favorite sleeping position is flat on her side. she’ll just be walking and flop down on her side and take a nap! i love when she lays with her back feet splayed out behind her though :)

  20. Lana

    Would love to win the Corgi giveaway! Our Corgi sleeps on his side too! It’s like someone just pushed him over on his side!

  21. Heather McCloy

    My Reilly’s favorite snacks are hotdogs and Dairy Queen Blizzards, and he always sleeps in the crook of his Daddy’s arm, on his back with paws splayed wide, snoring like a freight train – like Father, like Son!

  22. Melanie

    My corgi Morty’s favorite snack is… Well, anything! I call his favorite sleeping position “the croissant” because he curls up just like a crescent roll.

  23. Christie vickers

    My corgi, Sugar, dances when she wants a cookie/treat! She also loves to “high five” everyone. When she sleeps she sleeps on her back with all four legs in the air and her head hanging off of the chair with her mouth wide open and tongue flopped out!

  24. Jessie

    I would love to be the winner of the Corgi contest! Whenever Alwyn wants a homemade sweet potato chew, he bounces between two tricks – he’ll start with a “sushi roll” and then stand on his legs and walk towards us (we call it “circus bear”) and then spin. It’s the cutest thing when he gets overly excited! =)

  25. Liz K

    I would LOVE to win a tiny pocket corgi! My girl Moose LOVES to snack on Lettuce and Popcorn :) yayyyy

  26. Kelly

    My corgi’s favorite way to sleep is the classic sploot position. That would be an awesome pose for one of these felties! :)

  27. Susan

    Love the corgi! Wish I could post my corgi puppy Copper John’s picture in his ‘frog dog’ pose–you could see his resemblance to your latest creation! I’ve just seen your illustration work–you’re such a talented artist. I adore children’s book illustrations, even though I don’t have children of my own.

  28. Betsy

    Love the tiny corgi’s! So perfect for my desk!

  29. Holly

    Would love to win the corgi! Super cute. :)

  30. Cassie

    These are so awesome! I’m headed to etsy to add you to my list of favorites 😀

  31. Susan

    Your work is wonderful and I hope that I win the prize! woohoo

  32. Amazing work, I investigated needlefelting because of you, and am thoroughly in awe! (and I’d love to win the corgi)

  33. Debby

    I would LOVE to win the felted corgi, he/she is adorable. I really love your other work as well… I might have to get my friend a couple of llamas from you. :)

  34. sandy grambort

    Just read the latest blog, I raise goats, too!! Looking forward to seeing the finished pygora product!!!

  35. Nice artidle. Looking forward to read more from your blog.

  36. Amy

    Very cute fiber animals! I love that they are so realistic! I raise goats in Eugene! I have Saanen, Nigerians, and some mixed breeds. We raise for milk and meat.

  37. These tiny puppies are adorable! I bet my niece would love these mobiles, since she likes dogs but can’t have one (allergies).
    Bella recently posted…Über die frühe Entwicklung kindlicher Laute

  38. Kate Allison-Mills

    Hi, Miranda!

    I love corgis, and I have loved your work for years. I do some wool felting, so I was really interested to see your process. I noticed in the article you had a nice, thick block of what looked like closed-cell foam to do your felting on. Is that still what you use? Can you remember where you got it, by any chance?

    Thanks, and keep up the smashing work,

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