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Oh, Christmas Tree – Part of the Oregon Economy

“Someday we’ll have a Corgi. Someday we’ll have our new property. Someday we’ll have a ‘real’ Christmas tree in our farm house.” (In Austin we decorated my lemon tree for the holiday: our Christmas Citrus) Someday is at hand, and … Continue reading


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Homestead Update: November 1st

Gosh, it’s already November! The rain is back, the mornings are getting frosty and a whole new set of projects and problems are jumping to the foreground of my brain. Not to mention a certain holiday is coming up and … Continue reading

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Twas a Fiber Friendly Christmas!

First off: thank you to all you wonderful friends and family who commissioned special felt pets for your loved ones for Christmas this year. You made my holiday bright and i know you how happy you made your gift recipients! … Continue reading

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Fiber Friday: My First Mittens!

I coined 2012 as the “year for wrist warmers” earlier in the Summer… and have yet to knit a pair. BUT i knit my husband a pair of mittens for our evening walks instead! I’m not completely satisfied, but he … Continue reading


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