Fiber Friday: Behind the Scenes of Fiber Friends

A huge thank you to The Daily Corgi who recently posted an AMAZING interview/feature article about me, Pocket and our work at Fiber Friends, my small but ever growing business. I invite you to read the article, as it has some really nice info on my art and business background, my inspirations and has some useful information for folks who may be considering an order from Fiber Friends. Response to this article has been fantastic! Corgi nation is so wonderful and i could not have gotten my business off the ground without you! 

This blog isn’t just a scrapbook for Pocket and cute corgis, however. It’s written for lovers of food, fiber arts, farming, sustainability and many others besides just corgi lovers, and Fiber Friends aren’t solely corgi-specific. In case you aren’t already familiar with my work: Fiber Friends are little felted animals, hand crafted using locally sourced wool and are each 100% one of a kind works of art, heavily inspired by my illustrative style (i’m also a children’s book illustrator!) I am first off inspired by Pocket, but i’m also inspired by all the animals on my farm – wild to domestic. Since The Daily Corgi’s wonderful post was mostly focused on the corgi aspect, i wanted to share some of the “behind the scenes” photos that weren’t included. I had such fun taking these photos – though i did feel a little silly prancing around in our field of daisies, carrying little felted animals with me. 😉 *Click on each photo to enlarge!

In my studio: every Friend is needle-felted by hand, without the use of armature or glass eyes. Each one takes several hours to several days to complete and is carefully packaged with a signed thank you note and tag with care instructions. I do take international orders and have shipped as far away as France and Singapore!

I take inspiration from all the animals on my farm, especially the soft and cuddly ones.

I’m also inspired every day, by this beautiful planet we reside on. Heck, even the invasive Scotch Broom is beautiful! It’s hard to stay depressed long with so much beauty just outside my window. As a new farmer, i strive to cultivate and care for the wild spaces and species alongside the domestic ones. As a writer and artist i strive to inspire others to notice and nurture the soil, water and air around them. This planet is beautiful and abundant, and it’s our responsibility to preserve its perfect balance. My work reflects my passions for environmental responsibility, and i hope it inspires a respect for nature in others.

Read The Daily Corgi’s article for more info and photos of my work with Fiber Friends. Another big thank you to Laurie for the post and a huge thank you to all of my customers: past, present and future. I love my customers and strive to provide superb customer service along with super cute artwork. You are my inspiration to do what i do every day – the photos of your adorable pets don’t hurt either!

What inspires you?

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