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Woman Powered Mowing: Using a Scythe

My Grandmother calls me her “old fashioned granddaughter” what with my love for handspinning, felting, sewing, gardening, etc. She really hit the nail on the head as i can’t help but be attracted to old timey things and activities. But, … Continue reading

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Duckling Update: 3 weeks old

The ducklings are growing like adorable weeds! Their first feathers are starting to peak out of their baby fuzz and they’re several times larger than they were upon hatching. With all the hawks and ravens about, we’re keeping them in … Continue reading

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Breaking Ground – Part 1

The wood posts are purchased. The hoop house area of the garden is almost all scalped and ready to gently till with my supremely awesome new broadfork. The chickens spent several months fertilizing and a few weeks assisting the tillage. … Continue reading

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Spring Blooms and Burnin’ Stuff

It’s starting to look like Spring up here in the Kings Valley! Daffies are blooming, the crocus would be blooming if the slugs weren’t eating them, and the Indian Plum is in full, gorgeous force. They’re always the first thing … Continue reading


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