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DIY Cold Frame Using Straw Bales

When we moved to the Kings Valley area, we knew we’d have some challenges ahead. The Willamette Valley is a gardener’s dream, save the dry summers – but we’re several hundred feet higher and in a bit of a climactic … Continue reading


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Homestead Update: July 1 2014

Late again – but July has been busy already with Fiber Friends, a growing garden, and lots of hot buns in the barn to take care of. So, without further delay, let me take a quick pause to reflect on … Continue reading

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Prevent Duckling Drownings – Easy DIY Duckling Ramp

A friend recently asked me “how do/why would ducklings drown? Aren’t they buoyant?” Ducklings ARE born quite buoyant and float easily, but the sad fact of raising waterfowl without a real dirt-lined pond is that you have to take preventative … Continue reading

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Farm Gates

When one constructs a fence, one must provide access through said fence. A good garden/farm gate is sturdy, large enough for people or vehicles to pass through, opens/closes easily and most importantly: keeps critters out or in. Gates can of … Continue reading

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