Barn Renovations! Part 5: During, Again – Second side ALMOST finished

I’ve been quiet lately: a little thing called Thanksgiving happened, which i happened to have hosted and my waiting list is at the bursting point, forcing me to keep all noses to grindstones at all times! That being said, i want to be sure to stay at least mildly current on ye olde blog, if only for my own fond reflections in the future.

The never-ending barn repair project is nearly finished. All that’s left are the gable trims along the room, some roof sweeping and re-screwing and the assembly/hanging of the second door. I won’t mention all the manure left to dig out, a new ‘man’ door installed and a few more wall repairs as that would depress me too much. FOCUS – the short wall repairs are almost done and we nearly have a secure barn!

I’m so proud of my husband. He was a heck of a foreman – with his mother in law, no less!

Team husband/parents were ON this past weekend while i had to work at the very part time job for black Friday. While i was away the magic happened! Bing bang bong, walls UP! They did a great job. My daddy number two just happens to be savvy with wires and hooked up a whole new lighting system for me – let their be light! I spent my Saturday prepping for market and getting the rest of my rabbit cages hung and healthy rabbits moved over. They seem to be enjoying their new digs. I’m still unsure about my junior buck and Strawberry and kits, so they’ll be hanging out in the old rabbitry for a while.

Now all i need is a nice, new, long handled manure shovel and i’ll be set. Maybe an auto waterer system and some big fans…. worm bin….. turn the old rabbitry into quarantine / secondary chicken brooder? For now we’re almost DONE – think about new projects later, Miranda – perhaps after you’ve finally installed your own bedroom closet system and painted the kitchen/ fixed the master bathroom shower…….   yes, this place is a never ending to do list. 😉 Hey, at least i took Thanksgiving off to visit with family! Other than planting a few trees, of course.

How was your Thanksgiving? All work? All play? A blend of each?

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