Barn Renovations! Part 1: Before

This project is going to be exciting, tangible, a learning experience, investment for our future (and future animals) and really rewarding when it’s finished. I’m stoked. What is our current project, you ask? I’m re-designing the interior layout of our barn to expand my rabbit operation, provide better storage for hay and feed and get ready for HOGS in the spring! Before i can truly dig into the inside, however: there is some serious work needed on the exterior. Mainly, the two short ends are rotten and exposed.

The first step was to remove mr. tree. Done. Next is ripping off all the nasty, rotten wood to prepare for new lumber and METAL SIDING WITH SLIDING DOORS to be installed! Oooooooooh, it’s gonna be awesome. It’s going to be secure. No more bobcat/cougar or bear entrances – our barn will be safe and sound and ready to house lots of baby rabbits and two little pigs come springtime. Sweet.

Disgusting, rotten barn wall - and this is the GOOD end

Andy and i have been learning a ton around the farm since we moved in. Plumbing hasn’t been our greatest success, but we’re getting pretty handy when it comes to building fences and small buildings. A major barn project, on the other hand: intimidating. Luckily we have some awesome friends and neighbors, including one (very tall and able) just up the road with experience and tools to spare. We’ll be hiring him to get us going (and help pick up all the materials in his truck/trailor- one farm tool we’re still sadly lacking) and teach us the ropes. I think i have my head already wrapped around the basic design, but it will be really nice to have a set of experienced hands on site.

Interior preview: Here’s the current layout of the barn when it comes to rabbits: they’re all tucked into a secure corner (right) that is severely limited when it comes to space and ventilation. I’m in the process of hanging new cages and moving the whole rabbitry over to the main portion of the barn (left). I’ll be posting all the details on the materials used and techniques employed in hanging the cages soon!

New rabbit area to left, current rabbitry to right and lots of mess in between

We are so lucky our farm came with a barn! It could certainly be in better shape (like the rest of the house) but i think the bones are solid. There is quite a bit of rot due to the failure to remove manure from the barn, like EVER so i have some re-building to do from ground up in assorted areas. Good thing i have a big hammer! Progress reports to come!

Do construction projects intimidate or excite you?

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