I can’t believe he mowed the whole thing….

We had a big weekend, and shared several high fives for some big accomplishments! Check it out, y’all – Andy finally got the pasture mowed!

This may seem like a ‘gee, what’s the big deal?’ sort of announcement, but we’ve been trying to get this task done since May, and hit about a zillion impedements during the process:

1. had to get the tractor to start. (This was kind of a huge deal)

2. had to get the tractor to then RUN once it was started

3. had to unearth the brush hog, get the blade to spin, learn how to attach it to the tractor, and purchase/assemble an arsenal of tiny and large parts – this brush hog situation nearly killed us with the tiny steps involved!

4. had to wait for it to stop raining, as it is now FALL and then spend the many hours required to physically mow.

This was kind of a big deal. And now it’s over! Until next spring, summer and fall, of course. :) I’m so proud of Andy getting this accomplished. We had a lot of help from friends, neighbors and family, but it was ultimately his success! I’m REALLY proud that he didn’t let the tractor overcome him: he got on Saturday to find it running roughly. He thought about quitting for the day, but instead fiddled with some parts (that he now knows what they are – also kind of a huge deal) and got it to run smoothly! Yeah!

In other news, i have begun a major project down at the barn. More on the befores, durings and afters of that coming soon, but for now enjoy this bit of fun:

Shazam! Mr. Maple Tree is no longer intimate with my rotting barn…. and some big plans are coming to fruition! Ooooooo dalally i can’t wait to show¬† you the progress that’s about to happen!

It’s all about focusing on the small victories. Have you experienced any seemingly endless tasks lately?


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  1. Robert Knight

    I like the photo of Andy and Pocket on the tractor. Congratulations to you Andy. Persistance pays off.

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