Homestead Update: June 1st

The daisies are in bloom – it must be June! May was a great month and June is slated out to be even better. We have some AWESOME projects to show off that will be ‘finished’ this month but got started in May. Here’s the homestead update for May with photos of June “first”, as reported mid June thanks to server issues and lack of computer time. 😉

One day these shots will include tall, lush pasture of mixed grasses, clovers and forbs – vs all bent grass and daisies thanks to years of mismanagement by the previous folks. I’m slowly but surely renovating the soil and planting new pasture thanks to the chickens and ducks. It’s very fun to watch the patches where i’ve planted: no daisies and super healthy pasture … all in good time. For now it is fun to stop and smell the daisies 😉

Our biggest project in May was setting up the vegetable garden fence and multi-purpose shed. We’re so close to being finished! The roof remains and a few finishing touches on the wire and gates. I have all the veggies in and the potato tower seems to be working. It feels so GREAT to be gardening again – i cannot stress how much joy getting dirty and growing food makes me. :) I am also SUPER proud of my husband especially, but of both of us in our capacity to learn, work together, and create something from scratch without previous experience…. i think our shed is going to be pretty darned swell!

The weeds aren’t the only things growing and blooming around here. The foxglove (toxic yet beautiful) are standing tall along the edge of our pasture and many of the flowers and shrubs in my beds and hedgerows are happy as can be, blooming to provide food for the pollinators and joy to me as i drive home. The potato tower seems to be growing nicely – though i’m not seeing as many sprouts as i would expect for the number of seed potatoes i included.

And, my little ‘yard garden’ is doing great! My garlic is about a month away from harvest and VERY happy thanks to many doses of diluted blood from butchering these past months and several applications of rabbit manure. Those buns sure come in handy – i’m not one to waste any part of them! I planted some early kale in this bed and i’m glad i did – we’re enjoying kale with our supper even though the main garden is still young while i waited for a fence to plant.

Speaking of the buns: we have a new addition to our barn! Young miss Foxglove, aka Foxy was aptly named after the seasonal beauties around our farm – isn’t she adorable? I cannot wait to pair her with my new red buck to make some gorgeous babies! I plan on starting to show my rabbits later this year and have high hopes for her and her babes. I have a date with all the rabbit sand my camera this weekend, so look for updated photos of our breeding stock on the Birdsong Farm page soon.

The April and May showers have gone, leaving the sun and heat of summer. I hope i can harness that energy to create some delicious veggies. My skin is already glowing with a gardener’s tan adn i can’t wait to spend more time in my new sanctuary… complete with a tool shed! I’m also looking forward to having this ‘build the garden’ project OVER so we can focus on some new projects. Soon i’ll have some spare time to post some really informative blog posts! Maybe 😉

Enjoy the spring/summer wherever you are!

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Chompers the Corgi, Nubbin Version

If you’re crazy about corgis like I am and spend any time at all on Instagram or Facebook, you will nearly certainly recognize this adorable mug:

That’s Chompers! Chompers hails from San Francisco and is a super cute tri-color male who loves to ham for his mama’s camera. Chompers and Pocket have been scheming on a fun collaboration, including an upcoming auction later this summer. Be on the lookout for some special goodies from Chompers and Fiber Friends in the next week or two and get ready to do some ‘squee’ing: some serious cuteness is on the horizon! Here’s a preview of Chompers in Fiber Friends Nubbin form!

Seriously, that tiny duck-chick just kills me with cuteness. I foresee felting an entire army of those things….. it must be done.  Stay tuned for some more Chompers fun! Be sure and check him out on Facebook and Instagram as his cuteness is sure to make your day. :)


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The Garden is Fenced!

Poles in, corners braced, fence stretcher built, farm truck utilized , tax refund spent! We are sore little homesteaders, but we’re fueled by Rommel power and successfully set and met our goal of finishing the fence by the end of the weekend. Now…. to build one more gate and hang them…. and side the shed… but really, we’re basically done! I will be sure and post some nicer ‘full view’ shots once the shed is done and gates are up.

This 75×150 foot garden space is a dream come true! No more corn in my suburban front yard, no worrying about deer eating my baby plants: this space will be my sanctuary, my grocery market, my happy place, my gym. Let’s hear it for another great learning experience/successfully completed project by Team Rommel! If only everybody spent their weekends putting in 7 hour days of hard labor and brain honing troubleshooting…. this world might be a better place. Birdsong Farm is sure feeling the magic. :)

What have you done lately that left you feeling proud and accomplished?


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The Birds of Birdsong Farm – In Felt

We thought long and hard about the name we’d give our farm. We tossed around themes with rainbows and pastures but it became quickly apparent that birds would have to be the driving force behind our brand. Come early March songbirds of all shapes and sizes begin arriving in waves. First the tree swallows, then the goldfinches and finally the grosbeaks and barn swallows. I sit here bathed in a melodious chorus of more types of birds than i can count. I’ve been keeping a pinterest board of all the birds i’ve IDd and felt it only fitting that i should begin felting a series of Fiber Friends birds, inspired by those beautiful musicians who gave Birdsong Farm its name.

I’ve been having such fun working on these more artistic pieces, great for decorating your house or even your holiday tree. A wonderful addition to any bird lover’s collection, and a joy to create- check out all the wild birds and other special creations at

What’s your favorite songbird in your neck of the woods?


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