The Garden is Fenced!

Poles in, corners braced, fence stretcher built, farm truck utilized , tax refund spent! We are sore little homesteaders, but we’re fueled by Rommel power and successfully set and met our goal of finishing the fence by the end of the weekend. Now…. to build one more gate and hang them…. and side the shed… but really, we’re basically done! I will be sure and post some nicer ‘full view’ shots once the shed is done and gates are up.

This 75×150 foot garden space is a dream come true! No more corn in my suburban front yard, no worrying about deer eating my baby plants: this space will be my sanctuary, my grocery market, my happy place, my gym. Let’s hear it for another great learning experience/successfully completed project by Team Rommel! If only everybody spent their weekends putting in 7 hour days of hard labor and brain honing troubleshooting…. this world might be a better place. Birdsong Farm is sure feeling the magic. :)

What have you done lately that left you feeling proud and accomplished?


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  1. Looks GREAT! I’m going to be doing fences here soon, though I won’t be doing them myself, I’ll be stimulating the local economy by having a local guy do it for me. Fencing in a few acres is beyond my DIY chops :)
    ChiotsRun recently posted…Soothe the Itch with Plantain

    • Ha ha – i feel you. I’m going to seriously consider hiring a crew to help us clear our 17 acres of fenceline. We’ll probably do the repairs ourselves but so many trees and so much brush…. ugh.

  2. Lookin’ good! Having a safe plants for your garden has got to feel amazing. I start packing shares at the farm co-op tomorrow and working in their several acre veggie garden always makes me want a bigger garden of my own. Next year, when the babes are bigger and I am smaller perhaps.

    Which was the hardest part? Managing the huge roll of fencing looks rough although I recall post-holing is not a lot of fun either.
    foyupdate recently posted…My Go To Everyday Salad with Pecans, Dried Cranberries and Feta – Recipe

    • Hardest part, hmmm…. Andy did all the wrangling, and it definitely looked difficult. The post holes were augered by a friend with a tractor so that was easy. Tamping in teh posts was a real drag… I guess the hardest thing was wrangling and learning how to build a fence stretcher that really worked, and having patience WAITING while Andy spent the time to build it. It saved our butt in the long run, though!

  3. Congrats on finishing the fence! Luckily you are no longer in the Texas heat and it’s not too late to plant.
    Laura recently posted…Bees — I might be a Beekeeper?

    • Seriously! I’m going to miss the long summer for hot peppers and eggplants…. but i don’t mind getting an extra few months of rest and prep time in teh spring without having to panic getting the garden in.

  4. Mich

    Well done :) fencing is blooming hard work especially with those extra tall rolls of wire!

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  6. Awana Black

    Loved your comment about “putting in the hours” –yes, the world would be a better place! Recent accomplishment: Finding a more efficient way to water animals!

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