The Birds of Birdsong Farm – In Felt

We thought long and hard about the name we’d give our farm. We tossed around themes with rainbows and pastures but it became quickly apparent that birds would have to be the driving force behind our brand. Come early March songbirds of all shapes and sizes begin arriving in waves. First the tree swallows, then the goldfinches and finally the grosbeaks and barn swallows. I sit here bathed in a melodious chorus of more types of birds than i can count. I’ve been keeping a pinterest board of all the birds i’ve IDd and felt it only fitting that i should begin felting a series of Fiber Friends birds, inspired by those beautiful musicians who gave Birdsong Farm its name.

I’ve been having such fun working on these more artistic pieces, great for decorating your house or even your holiday tree. A wonderful addition to any bird lover’s collection, and a joy to create- check out all the wild birds and other special creations at

What’s your favorite songbird in your neck of the woods?


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