Twas a Fiber Friendly Christmas!

First off: thank you to all you wonderful friends and family who commissioned special felt pets for your loved ones for Christmas this year. You made my holiday bright and i know you how happy you made your gift recipients! I’ve already received a few emails and Facebook posts from happy folks enjoying their new little Fiber Friends, a few including adorable photos! (You absolutely must visit this album posted by a proud new Fiber Friend owner – it is too cute!!)

I absolutely love customer appreciation photos! They make me absolutely squeal! I had to hold back a few photos so as not to spoil any surprises (which i managed to do anyway) so here are a few of my favorite “customers” this last month, including some fluffy pups who challenged me to improve my craft by leaps and bounds!

It Was a Fiber Friends Christmas – 2012

Bandit and Walter:

Sophie the Border Collie:

Rio and Tippet:

Olive and Lulu:

I had so many fun dogs to work on this holiday that my in stock inventory has slipped pretty intensely. Add moving into a dilapidated house to my to-do list, it’s been difficult to get “back to work.” But back to work i will get with a full line of farm animals and a new “angle” i’m working on later this spring: Fiber Friends for weddings! I still have a short waiting list full of very patient customers that i’m about to dive into right now! The rest of this month and January will be pretty busy with housekeeping, but i plan on digging in mid to late January and will be ready for your project, big or small!

As an fyi – i do plan on raising my prices for custom pets at the end of January 2013. I pride myself in keeping my prices low and affordable, but as i have improved and honed my craft and expanded beyond just Corgis, the time spent crafting each little doggie has extended and i just honestly need to charge a bit more. I don’t plan on ever getting to the $150 to $200+ of some of those “other” felters out there, but as i believe all my happy customers would tell you: my rate is worth every penny! With Fiber Friends you not only get an adorable finished product, you get rockin’ customer service and gift-ready packaging to boot.

Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone! Here’s to 2013 being the best year ever!

What was your favorite Christmas / Chanukah gift this year – given or received?

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