Farm Update: Clean and Sparkley…. Almost

The cat pee smell is subsiding thanks to Nature’s Miracle and elbow grease. Carpets are gone, flooring is cleaned and every SINGLE piece of wood trim has been lovingly caressed with delicious smelling Frommer’s citrus oil. My wrists are killing me!

Before and after:

We even cooked our first meal in the house! Grilled cheese never tasted so good.

Pocket is going to need some convincing that this big place without any couches for cuddling on is as awesome as it is…. she doesn’t much like trying to keep track of both her humans when they’re on two sides of a big, two story house.

She’ll get over it… especially when we clear out the spot to the right of the fireplace for her puffy bed.


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2 Responses to Farm Update: Clean and Sparkley…. Almost

  1. Great start! Are you keeping a journal? That’s how Julie Powell got “Julie and Julia” published and then made into a movie – it all started with her blog. Looking forward to more updates.

  2. I wrote a different blog before this one, Deena. It was called “an austin homestead” and served as the journal of my urban homesteading exploits. Originally i had planned on using it as a rough draft for a book… but that never materialized.

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