Fiber Fridays: My First Sock! (and a Giveaway preview)

I am so proud and excited… I’m about 3/4 of the way into my very first SOCK! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to Ravelry and Come to for recommending/hosting this great beginner’s sock tutorial.

I feel that there is a certain mysticism and awe that surrounds the knitting of socks. Seasoned knitters see them as ‘no big thing,’ but us newbies stare at them wide eyed and lustful as we watch the dpns fly and the sock shape come to life. Well, i am wide eyed no more: i am a sock knitter! Well, almost a sock knitter. I still have the toe to work out, and have no idea how well these socks will fit. I’m sure they’ll fit SOMEbody, and i will be proud of this sock no matter what. I’m hoping that the second sock will turn out similar enough to the first to create a matched pair. I didn’t use handspun for this project, to give myself the best shot at creating an even design, but i did use a lovely self striping sock yarn that i’ll have an interesting time finding the same portion of the colorway to start the second sock with.

Silver’s sock tutorial is perfect for absolute beginners. No crazy abbreviations, no knitter’s lingo, no boggling charts: just simple english with descriptive pictures. I kept a few sock knitting books alongside me for further inspiration, and am stoked that the patterns are now making sense! The shaping of the heel is a bizarro thing, but learning it in plain english, then reviewing it in pattern-speak, i think i’ve got it down! I can’t wait to get this book in the mail, and have several fun patterns bookmarked from books i got at the library (which i will *maybe not so legally* be copying for future use), including this one.

Yay, socks!

This post isn’t all about footwear though… I also have a special giveaway to introduce. Meet the Pocket inspired mini corgi, she’d like to come home with YOU:

As i mentioned in last Friday’s post, i have a new feature to add to the blog, and i think you will love it. Along with my regular Fiber Friday posts I will be featuring a one of a kind felted miniature available for sale. These “Fiber Friends” will be featured bi-weekly and be offered at very reasonable prices: just enough to help me cover the costs of running this blog, but low enough to avoid straining the budgets of any of my readers. I will be posting the felties to my Etsy page (which is still in the works, link will be added to the sidebar as soon as it’s up and spiffy) where you can easily snatch them up to add a bit of whimsy and felted love to your life.

As you know, i’m obsessed with our dog, Pocket – so you’ll be sure to find plenty of wee corgis, but i’ll also felt mini sheep, alpacas, bunnies or whatever else comes into my fancy – or yours! I welcome comments and ideas: so post away with ideas for your favorite “Fiber Friend.”

For now, fall in love with this li’l friend, and get ready for her giveaway next week!

Are you a knitter? Have you tried socks yet? Seasoned knitters: share your sock stories with us: do you remember your first pair?


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  3. Shelly

    Love pocket. I am looking for a pocket puppy. I wou
    D love to get one.
    My name is Shelly and my email is
    If anyone knows where I can get a mini corgi please let me know
    Thank you

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