Fiber Fridays: The Sock Results

I learned to knit this past Summer, and now look at me go: SOCKS!

The completion of my first sock was a moment of joy and amazement…  and the progress of my second sock was just as great… until i realized the two would certainly be: not the same. In the future, i’d love to practice the “two at a time” approach to socks, to help create a more matched pair, but for now – i have some uneven socks. It was the first sock that held the first problem: too many rows in the heel flap, resulting in a slightly baggy/saggy first sock. I got the heel JUST right in my second sock…. but sadly started the toe decrease a little too early, resulting in an ‘a little too short and snug’ second sock.

The second socks seems a little shorter too, even though i could swear i actually counted the rows…..

Despite their “quirkiness” they both stay on my feet (mostly), they fit (mostly), they’re definitely warm and they’re my favorite colors to match my stars! Heck, it was my first pair, so just the fact that i started and finished them at all is pretty swell!

And as promised: here is this week’s featured fiber friend, another little pocket corgi. This one is a micro-feltie, standing at attention, ready to stare out your window or go along for a ride in your purse. You can get him or her over at my Etsy store for just $15.

Yay, fiber! All the great things you can do with the coat off a sheep’s back is pretty great, isn’t it? Yep.

Have you ever knit socks? Did you succeed, fail, or come up with something a little “quirky?”


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3 Responses to Fiber Fridays: The Sock Results

  1. Mary_h57

    Don’t you know that when you knit your own socks they always end up being fraternal not identical twins?

  2. Pynart2

    Love your site and the wee Corgi pups you make.
    Thank you for all that you do.
    Think the contest is wonderful, maybe???????????????

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