Fiber Fridays: Felted Fiber Friends/ A GIVEAWAY!

** Note: this giveaway is closed! Please head over to Etsy to buy or order your own little Fiber Friend, and join me every “Fiber Friday” for my weekly featured friend, plus occasional coupons and other incentives. Yay!**

That’s right, i’m hosting another giveaway. Already! Yeehaw! This week, i’m so excited to offer a special little felted “quasi-Pocket” to a special reader looking to add some whimsy to his or her desk, workspace, mantel or anywhere a little miniature corgi might like to perch. She’s only a “quasi” Pocket, because i didn’t make her spots an exact match to our Pocket, but she’s definitely a “pocket” corgi! Pocket herself pictured below, non-plussed by her felted counterpart.

This little cutey is sitting in what my friend Danielle calls: Pooh pose: that uniquely corgi spraddle legged sit. Like our Pocket, she has a bit of a tail and lots of white, but her toes are black as night. She’s in her Winter coat, with her regal collar and ruff, and she’s definitely “all ears.”

You know you want it, so here are the rules:

“the Rules”

  1. Please “follow” Pocket Pause if you don’t already. There’s a handy dandy tab on the right side of the page that lets you choose your favorite reader! Comment and let me know, either way (newbie, or oldbie follower)
  2. Be our friend! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Points for each!
  3. Share with your friends. Post a link back to this giveaway on your Facebook page or Twitter feed and get more points!
  4. Visit The Daily Corgi to get an even bigger dose of corgi! Like their Facebook page while you’re at it and tell them @PocketPause sent ya!
  5. Post an additional comment with your request for my next felted miniature. Corgis are great, but so are alpacas, sheep, bunnies, mice, voles…. you get the idea. Request your favorite animal!

Comment on this post with any and all actions, and squeel in anticipation! *** Please submit a comment for EACH entry! I’ll be using a random number generator to choose the winner (on April 13th) and need each entry in a separate comment for easy counting.***  This giveaway will be running for TWO weeks, so there is time to get it all done and shared far and wide! In the meantime, here’s a little more about what’s in store for Fiber Fridays:

As i mentioned last week, you’ll be seeing more “fiber friends” on fiber Fridays to come. These little cuties will be available for sale on Etsy for $5-$25. Proceeds will help me pay for the time and resources spent writing this blog, as well as a really great cause: Corgi Pals.

I love my corgi, Pocket and hope to always be able to provide the best care for her. Not all pet owners can always afford the best care for their corgis (or other dogs/cats/horses/lizards) when faced with an unexpected surgery or other costly life event. Corgi Pals is a non-profit organization that helps to raise the extra money those skin-parents need to afford their fur-baby’s veterinary care. I will be donating a dollar from every feltie purchase to Corgi Pals, in hopes that the good karma will keep Pocket in good health and out of harm’s (and costly vet bills) way, and because i love corgis and want them to all be happy and healthy. I hope you do too, and that you’ll love my little felted fiber friends enough to bring one or two home.

More about Corgi Pals:

CorgiPals started as a simple blog on February 20, 2011 with a very specific mission statement in mind:

“Giving a voice to Corgis in need.”
That includes Corgis of all types: Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Cardigan Welsh Corgis, and Corgi mixes! CorgiPals is a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization. CorgiPals focuses on two different fundraising campaigns: Helping Paws is a general fund for Corgis in need, and The Baxter Valentine Fund is for Corgis battling cancer.For more information about us, please visit their Fundraisers and Features sections.

Pretty awesome, right? Right. I’m also pretty stoked about the ‘other’ corgi non-profit, which focuses specifically on rescue corgis:  Corgi Aid. While my main benefactor will be CorgiPals (because my little Pocket isn’t a rescue, and i’m working on building up karma for HER), I may also gift Corgi Aid from time to time, and certainly want all of corgi nation to know more about this great cause:

CorgiAid is a nonprofit organization founded to provide financial assistance to corgis and corgi mixes. We help out those who rescue dogs from shelters or other non-permanent homes, then foster them until a new home is found. Medical and other expenses for these dogs can become high; CorgiAid gathers donations from those who want to help, and, within our funding guidelines, and gets funds to those rescuers who apply for help.

CorgiAid exists to provide a framework for support of rescue efforts for Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh corgis and corgi mixes, for the enhancement of animal welfare and the betterment of mankind.”

So, with these great causes standing to benefit, make today a corgi day and have some fun browsing around and entering to win your very own, no-vet-or-food-bills-required miniature corgi. I can’t wait to get your feltie requests! I’m hankerin to felt a menagerie over here, so send your ideas now! Good luck!

** UPDATE*** Wow – i’ve been getting some great feedback and am already getting requests for custom orders! You can now visit my Etsy shop to place custom orders, or you can order from me directly. Contact me using the toolbar below with your custom request. (Requests in the comments section will add to your entries for this giveaway, but actual orders must be received by mail.) Custom felties start at $25 depending on their complexity and discounts are available for multiple purchases. If you want your pet miniaturized, i will need good photographs from several angles. I can easily accept Paypal and also accept personal checks by mail. Once i receive your message, i will reply as soon as possible with questions or ideas along with your invoice and a request for the mailing address where your feltie should be shipped. Turnaround will be 3-5 days per piece, and will be felted in the order received, so actual turnaround time may be somewhat delayed depending on the number of orders received. Current waiting list is 1-3 weeks.


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108 Responses to Fiber Fridays: Felted Fiber Friends/ A GIVEAWAY!

  1. Cbeam

    Simply adorable! I’m not a fan on FB and following on Twitter!

  2. Debby Phillips

    #1 & #2 are done! I already read The Daily Corgi & like their FB page. :)

  3. Debby Phillips

    And I would love to see a felted llama. A little farm scene with a corgi, a couple of sheep and a llama would be so cool. :)

  4. Shannonleagibson

    That mini looks JUST like my baby girl!!

  5. If I win this sweetie, I am going to send it to Alex Mooney.  She just lost her dearest Otis to cancer yesterday.   She needs to have another Corgi to help her through her loss.

    • MirandaRommel

      That is such a nice sentiment, Tricia. I also take custom orders and would be happy to felt a little pocket-Otis in commemoration.

      • I might just do that!!!!!! oh, and I think I might like two others too!  I would love to have one to look like my Chester and my Zorro, who both passed away.  hmmmmmm……and maybe a Bogart look-alike….*squeeeeee* 

        • Allana

          Hi Hi – how much is the custom Corgi? We could take some of the money from the ChipIn to get it for Alex?  Email me at asendzick@yahoo:twitter .com if you can.

          • MirandaRommel

            Custom “match my pet” fiber friends are currently $25. I am having a hard time deciding if i should offer free shipping or not, as i’m not sure how much they will cost to ship – so for now, the price includes free shipping – but please don’t be offended if i change my policies.

  6. Shannonleagibson

    Followed on Twitter and retweeted!!

  7. Shannonleagibson

    I would looove a felt alpaca. My friend adores them! She would love it!

  8. I just lost my precious Corgi, Cooper 4 weeks ago to a ruptured bowel caused by a perforating ulcer.  He was only 5 and I had him since he was 6 weeks old.  I miss him so much it is unbelievable.  I hope people enjoy your pocket Corgi’s… I think it is adorable even though it made me cry.  :)  

    •  SO sorry for your loss :( I hte it when doggies die so young. I know he’s waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge!

      • Thank you so much.  It has been the hardest thing I have had to go through – he was my best friend and my soul puppy.  I know he is one of the most loved angel dogs up there it’s just been hard to accept but I will get there… might have to have a custom feltie made for him!  

    • Rchcoeur

      I am so sorry for your loss of your soul puppy.  My thoughts are with you and I am sure that Cooper was so lucky to have you as his Corgi-Mom!

  9. Followed both on Facebook and Twitter. Chickens_Nest is my twitter name.

  10. I already follow the daily corgi. This is where I came across this awesome give away.

  11. I think a felted pig or chicken would be pure awesomeness. I LOVE chickens and my husband loves Pigs. 

  12. Followed on twitter…”quasi-Pocket” is sooo adorable (maybe even cuter than my corgi, Pfizer?!)  Hope I win!!!  :)

  13. Kimber0123

    Oh Michelle, I am SO sad for you:-(:-(  I will order a large pocketful of these on etsy.

  14. Amanda

    This is the cutest thing ever! How do we order a custom one?

    • MirandaRommel

      Hi Amanda: to order a custom “fiber friend” contact me (using the toolbar at the bottom of my blog) with your request and i’ll get back to you shortly! I will need photos or a great description if you want a pet miniaturized, or just a specific animal request. With Paypal, we can do the whole transaction via email: easy!

  15. Denell

    Such a beautiful Corgi, I already follow the daily Corgi and just love the stories. Would love to win this little guy!

  16. Kathy

    Love, love your pocket corgis!!! you do custom!!! I would love info on that!

  17. Amy

    Followed the blog and liked on FB. Such a cutie! Where do we find the info on customs?

  18. Amy

    Forgot to add that I’m a newbie and that I already have the Daily Corgi on FB.

  19. Diana McLamore

    I love this little Corgi :-) I’d like to keep him in my pocket. How about a Cardigan Corgi (with a tail)?

  20. too cute!! A pocket llama would be amazing too :)

  21. Nora

    so cute. I’d love to have a little Lolah corgi…

  22. AmyJo

     LOVE the pocket Corgi!!  (…follow Pocket Pause, have ‘liked’ FB page, followed on Twitter, already follow and liked The Daily Corgi!!)  LOVE what you are doing for CorgiAid!!

  23. Cindy Leung

    I’d like to request a giraffe or a pair of giraffes….the are funnily enough…the theme to my wedding early summer.  😀

  24. Martine

    That is the cutest thing I have ever seen.  I will be contacting you in a couple weeks for a custom made one of my cardigan.  Too Cute!!!

  25. Mystick7

    OMG!!! **SQUEEE** I have to get one of these! I just adopted my Pembroke in January and he is the sweetest dog! Love my Merlyn! 

  26. Mystick7

    hmm, it says to write a comment for each entry I’ve completed. I’ve entered 5 times…. so forgive my rambling! *L*

  27. Mystick7

    **SO CUTE!!!*

  28. Mystick7

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this little guy!!!

  29. Mystick7

    Where can we order a pocket pal corgi if we don’t win?

  30. Dprior2

    LOVE this furrie little friend!!  Reminds me of my Moms Corgie she had miss them both so…

  31. Ashley Hodge

    I love love love this little Corgi, I would love to have a little one made that looks like my corgi Toby. Little felt horses would be cute too, I know my daughter would love one. Following your blog and facebook and I already follow and liked The Daily Corgi.

  32. Katkemp2

    Love your pocket corgi! I am a corgi lover as well. I live with 4 corgis! Love them all!

    How do I find you on Etsy?

    • MirandaRommel

      My Etsy shop isn’t populated yet, but it does exist. You can find it by searching stores for “Fiber Friends”
      In the meantime, contact me with requests/orders!

  33. I definitely have OCD – Obsessive Corgi Disorder. my two rule the world! I would be glad to send you a bunch of Corgi hair if you would like to use it as some of your ‘fiber’

  34. OOhhhh, If I won this corgi I would take it every with me that my corgi’s can’t go.  Then I would always have a corgi near.  I also like the idea of sending one to Alex Mooney!  A little Otis for her pocket.  How cool would that be.

  35. I would love to win your precious Pocket Corgi-you are so talented! I would love to see a miniature giraffe also!

  36. I want one soo bad :) Just followed ur page on google! :)

  37. Liked on facebook and twitter too :) sorry for the spam! <3

  38. I have been subscribed to the daily corgi for awhile love the community, hoping to get my very own corgi this summer :)  As a suggestion for the next animal I would say a Chinchilla, I have 3 of them and theres a pretty large community for chinchilla love too :)

  39. aruddy21

    If I win one, I’d have to give it to one of our mentally handicapped ladies at our nursing home. One of our CNA’s always brings her little collector doggies when she goes on trips and this would be an awesome addition. I bring my corgi Scooby with me to work a lot and she loves watching him, but is afraid to get close to him so this way she would have a little corgi of her own to keep with her without her getting scared!

  40. Leblevec Adrien

     Nice pocket corgi !!
    I want information for buy a pocket cute corgi 

  41. This site is really great and
    informative for me as its servering the people are the writers are doing a
    great job.

  42. Molinarenata2

    What do I have to do order a custom Corgi ?

  43. Ruthshort

    I’ve been following awhile!  I LOVE how cute and realistic this is. 

  44. Ruthshort

    I’d like to see Dorper sheep!

  45. OK.. I am following the blog, on twitter, shared the link, I am already your fan on fb, already like the Daily Corgi too. :) As for your next animal.. hm… don’t know what you have already done but I’d say a tiny turtle. :)

  46. Burez10

    Is there an email address where I can send my order and photos?  I can’t wait to get one!

  47. Cgraziat

    Would like to win they are super cute.

  48. Jenihana

    I’ve been saving my cats’ fur from their brush for years. I took a spinning class last winter in preparation for the day when I will have enough to spin into yarn! So, my request would have to be miniature felted cats!

  49. Jenihana

    Also, I just started following Pocket Pause, from An Austin Homestead. I found you in a Boxer and Badger Notes post and have been following since. 

  50. Newbie. I;d LOVE to win one of these!!! They are sooo cute

  51. Designjazz

    Love your felted corgi!  What beautiful work!  I have a couple of felted sheep I use as my nativity scene at Christmas, but oh, your little corgi would get loved all year!

  52. Letthemeatcakebakery

    I love this! if I win I will keep the little guy with me in NOLA since my 2 babies are still in Nevada… but I did bring my sweet boy Turbo who past away this January. 

  53. Jennifer Alford

    Love your teeny corgis!  I’ve liked you on Facebook & follow you on twitter now!   Off to check out your Etsy shop!

  54. Lindsey

    EEEEE!!!!  This is ADORABLE!  I am a sucker for a corgi bunny butt! 😉

  55. brenda Salzano

    Lost my little corgi of 16 yrs last fall.  I would love to be entered to win your felted corgi!  I have followed on twitter, Facebook and liked.  Did not know about  corgi pals thank you!!!  

  56. Heather P

    The stuff you make is so cute!!  I have 2 corgi’s and they are just a blast!!  i just started to follow you on facebook and on twitter.

  57. Geristerling

    I am a newbie, following you through my Yahoo page :)

  58. Geristerling

    I “Liked” you on facebook too!

  59. Geristerling

    I shared this giveaway on my facebook page

  60. Geristerling

    I visited the Daily COrgi, which I do often anyway :)

  61. Geristerling

    I had already “liked” the Daily Corgi facebook page

  62. Geristerling

    I am crazy about corgis, so it’s pretty easy to guess my favorite animal…the fox! My Welsh Corgi, Sidney, was not docked and he has a beautiful tail with a white tip, like a fox. He looks very foxy!

  63. Hi!  I found your page through Daily Corgi, but am also an avid knitter!  Do you sell patterns?

  64. Corgi Girl

    OH, I want one of these little critters! Please put my name in the hat for your next give-away!  I would give it to my sweet Mommy! Corgi kisses, Gwennie, AKA Lady Gwenn @ corgi girl on Facebutt!

  65. Ms. Smart

    super cute.  :)  woof woof.  corgi power & candy &  stuff

  66. I friended you guys, the daily corgi, and I would love to see a little sea turtle!

  67. I adore felt animals! Ever thought of doing a wolf? I think that would be darling. <3

  68. Barrasally

    I’m a new follower, and love the felted corgi!

  69. Giddiupgo3

    Oh I want this sooo bad…looks like our corgi Tucker!  My hubby is a two time stroke survivor, and loves his little guy so much. He would love this to take to the VA hospital and show off to all his therapist’s that he brags to about his little boy dog!

  70. Cyndi

    Love Pocket and the little Felt Corgi Pocket!  Amazing work!  Love it.  We read about you and your giveaway on the Corgi Pals FB  page.  We’ve liked your FB page, and shared the GiveAWay on our page.  Excellent work, can’t wait to read all the blog.  Cyndi Rabey

  71. Ellen

    Miranda, I have three lowriders of my own but they are cardigans…would adding a tail be alot of trouble?  I’d like to get three custom ones, one for each of mine, but let me know if the tail is an issue.  Regardles, I’ll definitely be getting some!  They are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MirandaRommel

      Tails are no issue at all! Send me a message using the ‘contact me’ feature at the bottom of this post and i’ll get you in the queue :)

  72. Pynart2

    Your Felted Corgi is so cute as is the larger one. I have a rescued cardie which I wouldn’t trade for a million. He is such a speical little soul. Love your site.

  73. Briarrosefarm

    As a fiber artist myself, I am thrilled to now be a newbie to your site.  I am on my second Corgi after years of owning terriers.  They have very different temperments but easier to handle as you age.  When Piper jums up, his 25 lbs. doesn’t knock me over as much as the 75 lb. Airedales.

  74. Briarrosefarm

    Please consider adding felted sheep to your felted figures. As a rughooker, I seem to be acquiring a collection and would love to add one of your creations.

  75.  I love your little felt corgis!!! I’d love to make a home for him :)

  76. I am interested in also a custom order. Do you think you could do an American Eskimo Dog? 

  77. Gpatterson1300

    I have a tri-color corgi adopted from the Humane Society and I am really excited about Corgi Pals. I have added them to my bookmarks. I would love to get another corgi since 2 seem perfect. My lab is old and has cancer and we are loving corgis. I never thought I’d not have a black lab after years of them, but corgis have me addicted!

  78. Rchcoeur

    Would love to have one of your Pocket Corgis!
    I am a new follower; found you through The Daily Corgi; and I posted a link on my blog for your contest too!

    I also have a suggestion for another pocket felted miniature; What about a  Ragdoll cat, do you make cats in minature?  Would love one of those!

    I am heading to your Etsy shop right now!

    Thanks so much

  79. Kayla Cline


  80. Kayla Cline

    LOOOVE this

  81. Greyhouse09

    I “liked” this on Facebook. And really do!!

  82. Greyhouse09

    Just posted a link back here on my Facebook page!

  83. Ann Brash

    The pocket “Pooh” corgi is wonderful! And so is your blog. Please tell me how to order a sitting corgi.

    • MirandaRommel

      Hi Ann – send me a message here or through my Etsy page to request a custom corgi OR bookmark my Etsy shop as i’m sure i’ll be posting more soon.

  84. Sherrypatterson65

    I lost my Corgi ( whose name is Corkie). He was and is my best friend. I still feel so lost without him. You can tell just by my FB wall. My birthday is April 10 and this would be an awesome birthday gift. Sincerely, a Corgi Addict. : )

    • Gpatterson1300

      We are Pattersons also and also have a Corgi named Corkie. He has gotten us addicted to Corgis (except for all the hair they shed). Just thought this was funny. Mine’s a tricolor, what was your Corkie?

  85. Leebellinger

    I would like to order one of these but cannot seem to find it in etsy??

    • MirandaRommel

      Dang. Etsy’s search function is really bothering me. SHOULD work – and you can also get there via the ‘mini etsy’ in my sidebar. I will post a badge today for easier linking!

  86. Debbie Kerlinger

    Can’t wait to get a Petey one made :)

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