Baby Shower Invitations – Part 1

When my sister surprised me with the news that she was expecting a baby this fall, i knew right away that i would just HAVE to throw her a baby shower. Unfortunately (fortunately!), so did our other sister. I had never actually BEEN to a baby shower, so it really was best to leave the planning of this special event to our older sister, who also lived in the town where the party was to be held. I was not to be out-done, however: i would design and send the invitation! Being an artist and graphic design geek, i was the sister for the job!

Forever the DIYer, i picked up some blank cards and envelopes, plus more  little envelopes and some nice cardstock paper. Add some of those super cool removable sticky dots and i whipped together some professional looking invitations. God bless my printer for not running out of ink mid-way through printing! I’m “lucky” to have photoshop, so it was easy for me to scan my artwork and design the cards and envelopes… if you dig these invites and don’t have the software and skill…. well you’d better just message me for a quote!  😉 Foolishly, i didn’t photograph the finished, folded and layered invitations – but you’ll have to trust that it was so awesome.

You may notice that there’s something extra included in these invitation packages…. Envelope, Card, RSVP note with RSVP envelope…. and something extra….  Because i’m an overachiever and can’t wait to shower my new nephew with love, i schemed up a super cool idea to welcome him to the world with the love of all his mama’s closest friends and relatives…..

Wonder what it is?? Check back next week to find out!



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