Urban Foraging…. but what is it?

Foraging doesn’t have to be in the woods or even in a wild place… one can find GREAT foraging in your own driveway or along a neighbor’s fence. (Be sure it’s a friendly neighbor, or that the produce you’re foraging is, in fact, not being harvested by them).

Earlier this Spring my husband came in all excited that he had discovered a cherry tree tucked along a fence between our apartment complex and a neighbor’s house. I watched the fruit as it developed through the Summer and picked the first one the other day. They’re dark red fruits, the size of a very LARGE cherry and are not tart but not too sweet either. They taste more like: plums! But is that what they are? Here are some photos of the fruit and foliage. I’d love to pick a whole mess of these guys and make some honey sweetened jam or compote…. but it might be nice to know what fruit i’m actually dealing with!

What’s your vote: Cherry? Plum? Something else?


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7 Responses to Urban Foraging…. but what is it?

  1. They look more like plums to me. I think it’s a bit late for Cherries?

  2. Maggie

    I agree, it’s too late for cherries. They look a lot like Santa Rosa Plums to me.

  3. Mich

    I have to say I agree that its a plum, deffo not a cherry.
    Cant help you on variety as dont really know what is available in the US. Kind of looks like a Mirabelle plum.

  4. They look like cherry plums. Here is a link that might help
    LisaB recently posted…Growing My Food Storage $5 A Week

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  6. Laura M.

    Another vote for plum. There must be a Flickr group for identifying fruit trees or plants or something. I would post it there, if you are still curious. :)

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