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Make Your Own Ranch Dressing! (It’s probiotic, too!)

I am a salad guru. I often eat big salads for dinner, especially in Summer. I know i’m a guru, because my husband tells me so and guests always comment with yummy noises if i serve a salad at dinner. … Continue reading


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Rabbit: Complete Meal Ownership

I did it, y’all! I slaughtered, butchered, cooked and ate a rabbit all in the same day! I’m super proud of myself and wanna give a big ole “i told you so!” to all the silly (mostly women) people that … Continue reading


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Urban Foraging…. but what is it?

Foraging doesn’t have to be in the woods or even in a wild place… one can find GREAT foraging in your own driveway or along a neighbor’s fence. (Be sure it’s a friendly neighbor, or that the produce you’re foraging … Continue reading


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Here, bun bun bun

Today i’m heading east to Lebanon, OR to help a farmer out with a bun situation. She raises Angora rabbits and needs to be sure her culls get properly culled, without wasting her husband’s one day off with butchering. Step … Continue reading

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