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Wordless Wednesday: Pals

Ebenezer is getting big enough to inflict some nasty cat scratches on Pocket if he wanted…. but he’d rather just kiss her on the nose. And then ninja pounce her 😉


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Fiber Friday: A new mobile and KITTIES!

I think i finally nailed the ‘cuteness’ of the kitty thanks to this kitty/golden retriever/ corgi mobile i recently finished. I haven’t owned a cat in a million years as i’m uber allergic. But since we got Ebenezer i’ve been … Continue reading

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Dogs and Cats, Living Together: Kitten Update!

Little Ebenezer is growing fast! He loves attention, is quick to purr and has become fast friends with our Pocket who thinks he’s a strangely shaped puppy and plays with him accordingly. Eb doesn’t seem to mind getting covered in … Continue reading


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