Dogs and Cats, Living Together: Kitten Update!

Little Ebenezer is growing fast!

He loves attention, is quick to purr and has become fast friends with our Pocket who thinks he’s a strangely shaped puppy and plays with him accordingly. Eb doesn’t seem to mind getting covered in slobber and often instigates play with a well timed pounce on her nubbin. He’s playful and seems interested in pouncing in general, so i’m hopeful he’ll be a good barn cat. For now, he’s been doing a little too much ‘hanging around’ by the house wanting to cuddle with us – but i supposed that’s nicer than having a crazy mean barn cat you can’t touch without risking skin! Pocket is definitely showing him the ropes when it comes to hunting voles! I hope they’ll make an awesome team.

It’s fun to have a kitty around the farm…. as long as he doesn’t go for any birds on Birdsong Farm. I sure hope he can put a dent in the voles and even the cottontails. My epic hedgerow of sunflowers has been severely damaged by small, biting mouths. Grow up fast, Ebenezer – we need your help!

Have you had barn cats? Were they friendly or totally skittish?


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4 Responses to Dogs and Cats, Living Together: Kitten Update!

  1. Sabrina

    Our cats are very friendly but they have been raised indoors and handled a lot.

  2. Shavonne & Ziva

    My roommate adopted kitten recently and my corgi Ziva treats him much the same way as Pocket treats your barn kitty

  3. Mich

    I have 4 farm cats to help keep rodents under control, I keep telling them birds are a no no….but the odd bird does get gobbled up sadly.
    They are all friendly having being well handled since birth, just makes for a less stressful time come worming & flea treatment…and the odd trip to the vets.
    Only one of them occasionally saunters indoors but he had more ‘house time’ as a kitten (got him 3rd hand).
    They are about to undergo major puppy at the weekend. I foresee a lot of grumpy cats sitting on flowerpots hissing! Lol.

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