Homestead Update: August “1st”

July was filled with few chores and a whole lot of visitors! That being said, we were able to accomplish a few things in between visits that helped to make the visits that much more enjoyable! The pasture is dryyyyying up and forage for the rabbits is getting hard to find. I had a meeting with a gal from the extension office who recommended i plant white clover and orchard grass – it’s in the works! In the spring i’ll get some pigs to work the soil, followed by the chickens and then some seeds. A disker might go more quickly, but animal power is so much more awesome.

Some of July’s highlights:

Andy put together a totally awesome firepit that was much enjoyed by myself and our visitors alike. Nothing like some pitchy fir to brighten and warm up the backyard! He built the pit using the bricks from the previous owner’s pit that was in the front yard. I think the backyard is a better locale, don’t you?

We were able to house our welcome guests in their very own “nest” thanks to a few hours ripping up carpet, de-stinking the room and a new layer of lovely carpet made from recycled plastic bottles!

I purchased a lovely new buck to add to my ‘herd’ and he’s already given it the old college try with my doe, Blackberry. I can’t wait to see spots in his litters!

The kitten is growing fast and he and Pocket are fast friends! More about Ebenezer and Pocket coming up this week!

The garden i planted is producing like a little champ! It may be small, but the salad greens are delicious and i’ll soon be enjoying my first pole beans and cucumbers! Next month i’ll pull the lettuce and fill that space with garlic. The beans and herbs will make way for some Winter veggies like kale if i do things right…. which i probably won’t. My head is too full of rabbits and ducks to fit in garden planning!

More bunnies! Despite the sad loss of a huge litter, i have 2 big healthy litters growing up nicely and another almost ready to wean. Don’t forget you can visit the Birdsong Farm page regularly to see updates on available stock plus updated photos of my growing rabbits.

That’s about it! I have some big plans for the barn that require a few repairs done. I’ll be expanding my rabbit operation but need the barn to be secure. We have so many projects we SHOULD be working on that it’s just too darned overwhelming to talk about. So for now, i’ll just say: stay tuned! I’ve got some fun stuff up my sleeve for the blog during the next few weeks and have a hefty waiting list to attend to. Good night!

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  1. Pam Maddock

    Hi Miranda,
    I am out of town right now but can send you magnets next week. I hope your backside is better soon. Send me your address and I’ll get them in the mail to you when I return from ID. They may still help but will be ready for the next time you get stung. I am allergic to hornets and I have been stung two times in the last year. I put the magnets right on the sting and had no pain, no swelling. Usually I get a hugely swollen and painful whatever. Also our pest guy was stung by a wasp in the forehead and I made him platn one on the sting and he said it cleared up right away.

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