Fiber Friday: Sidney and Some Friends Beginning a Grand Voyage

Congrats to Sidney for being this week’s featured Friend in the Fiber Friends newsletter! He surely is having “fun in the sun,” which is August’s photo contest theme. What’s that? You didn’t know i was hosting monthly photo contests? Well get in the know and send me photos of your pups having fun in the sun for their chance to ‘get famous!’ Post your favorite pics on my Facebook page and sign up for the newsletter to see if your pup was chosen to be featured!

In other Fiber Friends news, Lancelot and Sir Kai are about to go on a grand adventure! Their mom and dad commissioned their Friends to bring with them on a trip to Scotland! They’ll be sad to leave their ‘real’ furry herders back home, but they just couldn’t get so close to Wales without their Corgis getting in on the action! Look for updates from Sir Kai the Cardigan and Lancelot the Pembroke as they travel the British Isles this October!

How do you cope with leaving YOUR pets while on vacation?

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