Chicken Update: Eggs!

We brought home our little chicks on April 6th, and 18 perfect weeks later we got our very first, tiny, white Leghorn egg!

Everyone is laying well, in fact. The heat has subsided, we switched back to layer feed from ‘all purpose,’ and we’ve upped the pasture rotation to more frequent intervals. The ‘grass’ is totally dormant right down to the weeds, but there are some seeds and grasshoppers (and flies) for them to eat plus more and more windfall fruit from the farm where i work. Very unlike me: i didn’t photograph our VERY FIRST DUCK egg – but it was pretty awesome and delicious in our fritatta last night! (You can tell muscovy duck eggs from chicken eggs both by their size and by a ‘waxy’ texture on the outside.)

Pretty soon we’re going to be swimming in eggs! We need a few more consistent customers – so holler at me to reserve a dozen: available at the farm or in Philomath most weekdays. We really thought that we wouldn’t like the Leghorn – she’s flighty and strange (and thus named “Space Wizard”) and who wants white eggs? Well, she’s already laying almost every day and it turns out Leghorns have actually been around since Roman times (i’ve read that somewhere!) so we might add a few more crazy white chickens to the roster next year for greater laying consistency in the flock. The rest of our birds were chosen for dual purpose (eggs and meat) performance and uniquely colored eggs. Honestly: dual purpose just means “not as skinny” so we may focus more on egg laying skill and just grow out broilers once or twice a year. Still, we hope to brood our own chickens and will eat the boys and keep the girls as replacement layers, so ‘less skinny’ has its function. 😉

Do you keep chickens? What is your favorite breed of chicken? (We’re loving the Welsummers so far, though ‘The Wiz’ is winning in the egg laying department so far!)



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  1. mark

    Great news on the start of egg laying. I like Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds. If you want something fun to do is to order a mix off the internet. I once got 25 brown egg layer special and enjoy a bunch of others breeds.

  2. we did that, in a way Mark. We picked from a local feed store, but chose a few of an assortment of breeds. We currently have one or a few of: buckeye, buff orpington, speckled sussex, wyandotte, welsummer, leghorn, barred rock and two undefined red hens plus 3 muscovies. They’re all a lot of fun!
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