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DIY Pasture Shade / AKA ‘No More Fried Ducklings’

Like much of the country/world, we have been dealing with increasing temperatures here at Birdsong Farm Oregon. Last year we lost a half dozen nests of Muscovy ducks due to the heat frying the eggs under our half barrel nests … Continue reading

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Prevent Duckling Drownings – Easy DIY Duckling Ramp

Ducks! They LOVE water and are a joy to watch floating, splashing and bathing  in a pond or kiddy pool. But sadly, ducklings can easily drown.  Ducklings ARE born quite buoyant and float easily, but they are tiny and can … Continue reading


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Building a Duck Coop

Here at Birdsong Farm we pasture all our poultry and thus far run them together: chickens and Muscovy ducks. Our guinea fowl go wherever they please and have begun patrolling the entire spread for nasty insects – good guineas! The … Continue reading

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Chicken Update: Eggs!

We brought home our little chicks on April 6th, and 18 perfect weeks later we got our very first, tiny, white Leghorn egg! Everyone is laying well, in fact. The heat has subsided, we switched back to layer feed from … Continue reading


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