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The rabbit kits are growing fast! They’re all about a week old in these pictures. Strawberry’s 3 remaining kits (1 died) are ginormous: growing extra fast with extra milk shared by just 3 siblings. Sake’s runt is finally catching up … Continue reading

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It Lives!

I can’t wait to get mowing, tilling, pulling or just joy riding on our vintage 1950 something Ferguson tractor that now RUNS! Thank you, Bud the best fix-it daddy in the whole world for getting it running! i would not … Continue reading


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Poultry Pirates

Ducks and chickens, living together…. in harmony? There may be mutiny in their midst and i’m pretty sure that scallawag of a Leghorn cock, Marcel has it coming to him this weekend. He’s been harassing my ducklings and i won’t … Continue reading


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Fiber Friday: Roscoe and Scout!

Thanks to mom, Hannah for commissioning two Fiber Friends to match her Cardigan Welsh Corgis, Roscoe and Scout. Every Cardigan i felt is greater influence on my wanting a Cardi for our second Corgi! Bring home your own little Cardigan … Continue reading

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