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Fiber Friday: Bogart!

I have said it before, and i’m saying it again: i think this Friend may be my favorite so far. Bogart’s mommy was the first to request a running pose for her Fiber Friend (the first non-mobile runner, that is) … Continue reading

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Weekend Project: Replacing our Frost Free Yard Hydrant

Watering my wonderful hedgerow has been quite the chore – until last weekend! Our only functional faucets were at the back of the house. The hedgerow (and animals and most other things needing water) are in the front. Many hoses … Continue reading


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Wordless Wednesday: And Growing Some More!

These kits are about 10-11 days old in these photos and just opening their eyes. They’re growing so fast and are getting cuter and chubbier/fluffier every day! I’m having such fun watching their colors develop. Most of these are slated … Continue reading

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Moving the Pullets to Pasture

It’s hard to believe our little baby chicks are practically full grown! I’m afraid i’ve been remiss on posting about the design and building of our mobile pasture shelter, and i seem to have given up on my ‘chicken basics’ … Continue reading

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