Fiber Friday: Bogart!

I have said it before, and i’m saying it again: i think this Friend may be my favorite so far. Bogart’s mommy was the first to request a running pose for her Fiber Friend (the first non-mobile runner, that is) and i wasn’t certain i could get him balanced perfectly – but i did! I just LOVE this action pose, and it totally fits the real Bogart’s personality. Among the photos i received to use as reference was an image of Bogart proudly carrying a squirrel he CAUGHT! He’s clearly an active boy, and another Cardigan trying to steal my heart from the Pemmies.

Good boy, Bogart. I can tell you wanted to “play” with your new Friend, but you did a great job posing and keeping your smiling teeth off!

Next dog on deck: Owen, a very sweet looking Pembroke. My waiting list is filling up all the time, so send in your order for a Fiber Friend of your very own today! You can read more about how to order by clicking the Fiber Friends tab at the top of this site and can contact me directly with the form at the bottom of that page. Have a great weekend filled with ball and squirrel chasing, everyone!

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  1. Susan Taylor

    Very nice. Bogart looks a little confused about the whole matter. I have yet to figure out how to pose Fergus with his little buddy. He is so fast with his mouth grippers!

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