Poultry Pirates

Ducks and chickens, living together…. in harmony? There may be mutiny in their midst and i’m pretty sure that scallawag of a Leghorn cock, Marcel has it coming to him this weekend. He’s been harassing my ducklings and i won’t have it!

So long, Marcel. You’ve been a good cock but you just don’t fit in my dual purpose program. Pocket will enjoy a fine meal this weekend and we’ll save his saddle feathers for crafting and fly tying.


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3 Responses to Poultry Pirates

  1. My chickens and ducks lived together too and everyone got along well. I had a plastic swimming pool for the ducks. (Had to build a ramp so they could get in and out!) They LOVED it and it was so much fun watching them swim and play. (They were also very frisky in the water, heehee!)
    GoneCountry recently posted…My Poor, Nasty Stove Top

  2. Wow sounds like life on the farm is in divine order.
    Cinnamon recently posted…Wordless Wednesday!

  3. I guess someone should have been more accepting of his neighbors.

    At least Pocket will have some very farm fresh chicken this weekend. Enjoy dinner Pocket. I know two Cavaliers that would love to come over to share.
    Felissa (Two Little Cavaliers) recently posted…Do You Dress Your Dogs?

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