The rabbit kits are growing fast! They’re all about a week old in these pictures. Strawberry’s 3 remaining kits (1 died) are ginormous: growing extra fast with extra milk shared by just 3 siblings. Sake’s runt is finally catching up with its siblings and although its tail got nibbled off at some point i’m hopeful it will grow to butcher size in a similar timeframe as the others. I’m also crossing fingers that this little eyepatched kit is a girl as i have several local folks interested in buying any healthy does from this litter.

Bluebell’s 8 are all doing well but growing more slowly – there’s less milk to go around! I believe she had 4 blues (like her), 1 black and 3 chestnut. I’m afraid i dropped one of the chestnut ones when it was just a few days old (it’s very jumpy!) and it seems to be growing more slowly than the others. Le sigh. This is a learning experience, folks!

It is SO much fun to watch them grow and develop their fur. Their colors change daily and it really is a joy to me (who has always been obsessed with genetics) to see what the different pairings of my red buck with different colored does will create. Science! Their eyes will begin opening next week and those cages will soon be full of jumping cuties! I’ll keep posting progress pics, including when i butcher. They may be cute and i am enjoying them whole heartedly, but i will also enjoy a few delicious meals, knowing exactly where they came from. I am glad there is interest in buying breeding stock, though – cuz a few are so cute they just must stick around a little longer. 😉

More photos to come, and i’ll have my husband take them so i can get some clearer shots!

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