We Picked a Peck o’ Plums!

Remember those mystery fruits? I tend to agree with those of you who commented: they’re plums! Small plums, but delicious nonetheless. I have since harvested FIFTEEN POUNDS of them in my fridge that await jamming tomorrow, but first i dehydrated a batch.

I love dehydrated fruit of all kinds. They make a great snack, dessert, granola topping and salad ingredient. I accidentally left these guys on overnight, so they’re a bit crispy but still scrumptious. Before dehydrating i tossed them with a tiny bit of citric acid, sugar, chilly powder and their own juice and spread them out evenly on the dehydrator trays. I don’t yet have the Excalibur of my dreams, but hope to get one for Christmas some year soon. My current dehydrator just cuts the mustard, but is a heck of a mess to clean.

I also thawed out some blackberries from last year to add to the jam and will do a small batch of plum sauce to boot. We do love our sweet/savory condiments!

What’s your favorite way to preserve plums?


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2 Responses to We Picked a Peck o’ Plums!

  1. Those are some pretty plums Miranda! How long do expect them to keep? Does the citric acid add any longevity or just keep the color?

    • Thanks, Foy! The citric acid should prolong their shelf life. The apples i dried last year lasted MUCH longer than i thought, so i think these guys should be shelf stable for as long as necessary, as they’ll probably find their way to our bellies within 2 months. 😉

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