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Fiber Friday: The Around the Block Fiber Arts Stroll

Yay, Sisters, Oregon! You are high, dry, close to my own sister’s house in Bend (with many locations to drink delicious beer) and the host to the largest outdoor quilt show in THE WORLD. You know how to put on … Continue reading

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Steel Wool – Buff Your Terminals

Do you feel an itch in your feet? The kind that tells you it’s time to dance? Are you sharing that persuasive inclination alongside of joyful, dancing kiddos and tuned in, humming oldsters? You might be at a Steel Wool … Continue reading

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Holidays in a Small Town

I am so blessed to live in a small town. I realize the speed of the small town may not be for everyone – it’s slow. It’s friendly. It’s full of folks who wave and call you by name. It … Continue reading


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Travel Spotlight: The Clown Motel

Today’s review is a re-post from last July when we were moving from Austin to Oregon. All the recent mental strain over our future housing has made me wish for simpler times…. booking a night at a quaint motel in … Continue reading


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