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Do you feel an itch in your feet? The kind that tells you it’s time to dance? Are you sharing that persuasive inclination alongside of joyful, dancing kiddos and tuned in, humming oldsters? You might be at a Steel Wool concert and if so: you’re having a great time!

Steel Wool is Tim Mueller, Nel Applegate, TR Kelley and Randy Hamme who are all “upbeat and happily serious” about their music – both playing it and giving it to the people. One look at this motley crew of musicians and you can tell there’s only one thing that could have brought them all together: their love for their craft (and, of course their shared passion for silliness, rainbows and perfect harmonies). Fairly recently formed, Steel Wool is a beat driven band with exceptional bass guitar, well placed drum beats and no-nonsense rhythm guitar paired with well crafted harmonies and plain and simple joy. The group knew each other as friends and had the opportunity to jam at a Kind Tree – Autism Rocks retreat and right away “It was pretty obvious that there was chemistry.  Tim’s playing style is very funky and solid, but he leaves enough space in the music for the rhythm section to really round out the tunes.” – Hamme  “Besides, if you put four accomplished musicians  in proximity,  a band will usually happen.”  – Kelley “I believe the energy we create together along with the music is what keeps us going.” – Applegate

The compatibility of this group is a great testament to the group members’ ages. Each musician is skilled, experienced and less incline to the “flighty” or ego-driven nature of many artistic/musical (younger) folk. “Age is to our advantage; Time has shaken out a lot of the stones from our personal and professional shoes, making it far easier to dance.” – Kelley   Each of the group’s musicians cited their experience with their craft starting as early as elemtary school with stints in groups, as solo musicians or music students. Their music, too reflects their maturity and influences. Tim, the principle songwriter and guitar player, is heavily inspired by the great classic rock/folk music men Neil Young, Steven Stills, the Beatles, Eric Clapton, Toby Ben, Ritchie Havens. Tim kids: “Can you tell I’m old?” Perhaps its the group’s age, too that inspires all ages of listeners.

Steel Wool’s music is approachable, danceable, fun to sing along to and suitable for a wide audience. Not totally G rated, there are a few ‘naughty words’ mixed in here and there along with some somewhat controversial or political statements – but they couldn’t very well call themselves a rock and roll band without a little spice mixed in, could they? When asked to describe their music and audience, Tim says:

We’re pretty damn funky, intense, playful, danceable, smart, pretty. Lotsa harmonies. I think we bring new songs to a group of folks who remember CS&N and the Beatles. These folks like to dance, like to hear real songs about contemporary issues and feelings, feel resonance with what we do. Once more folks hear us, our audience will expand to include younger folks enjoying the “Americana” genre. Lots of rhythms and acoustic sounds with soaring vocals. We’re not Pop or Rap, but most other styles can be heard in our set – everybody could be our audience!

I’m looking forward to celebrating the release of “All The Love In The World,” the debut album from Steel Wool at their family friendly CD release party this coming Friday, May 3rd (2013) at the Vet’s Club Ballroom in Eugene, OR. I do hope you’ll consider stopping by to enjoy the music, light refreshments and of course, the album (which is available for sale online, as well). “Like” Steel Wool on Facebook  and find “the woolies” at a gig near you. More info about the band, plus a comprehensive schedule (and gig rates should you want to bring the woolies to your shin-dig!) can be found at


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  1. Thanks for the great write up, Miranda!
    We are so looking forward to the party Friday night. Show starts at 8PM, door at 7:30. “All the Love in the World” CD will be on our merchandise table, along with copies of “Bedtime Snackit”, illustrated by Miranda, and a few Fiber Friends, too.
    We would love to see you all there…!

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