Skeksis or French Clowns?

We have new members of our poultry flock! So far we are really loving our little Guinea Fowl, though they’re traveling rather far afield into the neighbor’s property…. which is across a busy logging road. I plan on getting some hatching eggs this spring and will try and acclimate those guineas closer to the yard.

We started with the guineas in our brooder coop. Then we moved the hen out in a dog kennel with the cock loose. This seems to have really homed them to our big Christmas tree, where they continue to roost nightly. They spent a stint in the poultry run with the other chickens, but have since moved out to cover a lot of ground every day from one side of our pasture, into the scotch broom, meandering through the yard and flying over to the neighbor’s cow field. Busy little guineas!

Expert tick and flea controllers, i look forward to the guineas travelling with our future sheep and keeping the yard and garden free of nasty flea beetles. For now, they’re just fun to watch and listen to. And to all you Guinea nay sayers: they really aren’t THAT loud. Yes, they have very loud voices when alarmed, but most of the time they make sweet, happy peep noises. I can always tell they’re flying over a great distance when i hear a distinct, pheasant-like cackle.

We think they look like skeksis or french clowns. What do you think?

They certainly are hard to ‘control’ but as long as they don’t get hit by a logging truck, i’m happy with their free movements. It’s nice to have some critters free ranging about the place. I hope they dodge the bobcats! I can’t wait until we have a whole crazy flock of guineas wandering around our property. Even if they are a little loud. 😉

Have you ever kept guineas? Love ’em or hate ’em?

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