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That’s right, “fiber friday” is taking a week off, but will be back next week in full glory, and with an exciting announcement! Hopefully…. if my week of insanity at my new winery job doesn’t kill me first. Which it might. You might experience another dry week next week. I just hate it when life interferes with my blogging!

We happened on a lovely hike last week in the McDonald Forest. I believe this land is owned by OSU and includes several ‘test forests’ of different types of trees, a practice area for logging skills, and that lovely pond you saw Pocket swimming about in the other day. There are many trails with several different trailheads just north of Corvallis. I highly recommend this area for short or longer hikes. We hiked for about 3 hours on “loop 36” and had just the best time.

In other current events: If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen some mentions about house and land shopping. We even had an exciting turn of events: we put an offer on a 5.3 acre parcel of land complete with pasture, timber a pole barn, chicken cook and of course: a house. We offered lower than the seller was hoping to get, however and our offer was countered with the full price. Needless to say, we’re a little insulted (the seller also missed all deadlines and totally broke protocol and ‘good real estate manners’) and will be walking away from this one. We’re starting to get a little impatient. All our possessions, besides a few things, are in storage in southern Oregon. I’m sure they’re not happy about the passage of another season. We’re ready to start gardening. I’m ready to make dinner with my own veggies and eggs. We’re ready! Wish us luck for a speedy discovery of our dream property, and the wisdom to know the difference between the perfect land and ‘almost perfect.’ Maybe throw in some prayers too.

Do you have recent experience in real estate? Share your tale with us!

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