Fish Sticks

We’re still whittling away at the fish my husband caught last month. I read a recipe online for making baked fish sticks and had to give them a try….   I’m not totally sold on the recipe. The “breading” was good, but fell off the fish pretty easily. The fish was cooked perfectly, but i didn’t think the crust was crispy enough.  At least they looked like proper fish sticks!

I threw in some chicken livers with the fish sticks, and those may have been my favorite part. The fish was really, really good – i just didn’t love how the breading slid off and was mushy on the fish side. I served our fish sticks with a side of probiotic coleslaw (a recipe i must post here at Pocket Pause later this week!) and a probiotic tartar sauce.

I like to make “tartar sauce” as a dip for all sorts of things from chicken nuggets to burgers and can use it in place of Ranch dressing by ommitting the relish. My recipe is always a little different but always includes the same basic ingredients.

Tartar Sauce

  • 3 parts plain yogurt (the real kind, not the custardy kind)
  • 1 part real mayo
  • pinch each: garlic salt, pepper
  • 1/2 part relish (i use my green tomato relish)
  • 1/2 part dijon mustard

Additions include: generous squirt Srirachi sauce, pinch chopped chives, diced fresh garlic, other spices like cumin or basil. Mix it all up and dollup away on all of your favorite dishes. The mayo makes it decadent and the yogurt makes it healthy and tangy! Add some lemon juice if you like it runnier and tangier.

Have you ever made your own fish sticks? What’s the trick for getting the breading to stick nicely?


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  1. Debbie Kerlinger

    I kid you not, I just got on my computer to look for a fish stick recipe to make at home, and thought I’d pop over to Pocket Pause and see if you had anything here… coincidence? I think not!

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