Pause on Pocket: Wish us Luck

This week Pocket goes to the vet. She’s perfectly healthy, but we’re taking preventative measures to protect her from potential infection caused by a broken tooth. That i caused. It was my fault.

I’m very concerned that Pocket’s tooth breakage is going to cause many more pet owners to malign raw feeding as dangerous, unsafe, irresponsible and crazy, in general. It is none of these things, unless you’re an uneducated dog-parent like i was. I started Pocket on a raw diet based on a book, a book that held more vagueries than accuracies. Luckily, i recently joined an excellent raw feeding forum and have found many more friends on Facebook and in the community who feed their (very healthy and long-lived) dogs a natural diet. In MY opinion, feeding raw meaty bones is the best thing for my dog. I respect differing opinions, but i’d encourage others to consider this diet as a viable option.

Pocket broke her teeth because A. she was not raised on raw and tries to eat straight through instead of tearing meat off B. i gave her inappropriate bones. Raw meaty bones should be more meat than bone, should not include load bearing bones, should not include bones from large or older animals and should NEVER be cooked. Bones that are appropriate for a chihuahua will not the the same as those for a great dane. For Pocket that means rabbits, squirrels, small rodents, chickens (not rooster thights), young lamb, young goat, young venison and pork among other things. If in doubt, don’t feed it and remember to include at least 10% organ meat from mixed sources.

Please contact me if you would like to have more information or just to chat about my experiences. I’m still learning and am upset that i learned via a mistake. Luckily dogs can apparently have long and healthy lives while missing teeth. I blame myself and feel horrible about it, but i’ve learned my lesson and will feed my next dogs correctly from day one, and Pocket from now on.

So, please wish us luck with her vet appointment this week. At least she doesn’t chew rocks like my childhood golden retriever who had to have TWO major surgeries to remove the stones from her intestine!!!


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  1. Amy M.

    My friend feeds her dog a raw diet. Luckily in Austin there is a company (S.A.D. Dog Sushi) that delivers everything to her. They seem to have good info. on their website too.

    Good luck Pocket!

  2. Mary

    Best of luck to you and Pocket. You are a really good doggy mom!

  3. Amanda

    First of all.. those photos are adorable!!! What a cutie! My Corgi has just broken her fourth tooth and she doesn’t eat raw…. sooo I certainly wouldn’t go around bad ‘mouthing’ that type of diet! (Pun intended, haha) Dogs break teeth, it happens. Good luck at vet’s!

    • Thanks so much, everybody. And, Amanda: sorry to hear about your doggie’s teeth. I’m SURE my childhood dog had tons of broken teeth and i never noticed. I mean, she chewed on ROCKS! Sometimes being a good mom means you’re too observant. ha.

      We actually rescheduled her appointment for the week after next, so we’ll let everyone know how it went.
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