My Pickling “Crock”

One day i will have a “real” crock with straight sides and a perfectly fitting plate to use as a weight. One day i’ll have a robust garden that will give me so much veg to pickle i’ll just use a big 5 gallon plastic bucket. But for now, i have farmer’s market veggies and a big ole’ pickle jar that works pretty darned well, thank you.

This week’s crock is full of radish, patty pan squash, green beans, zucchini and a mix of spices and peppers plus a few grape leaves. Cover it all in brine and in less than a week things are already looking bubbly. Gotta love hot weather for something, ay?

Day 1

Day 5

My first batch of zucchini pickles turned out REALLY salty. I’ve previously only fermented cucumbers and jalapenos via fermentation, but i’m hoping that this batch will be a bit more ‘sour’ and a bit less ‘way too salty for comfort.’

What strength do you make YOUR brine?

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