Fiber Fridays: Halloween!

I had planned to post about my finished cowl from last week, but, well: it’s not finished. Instead, i’ll just announce the winners of my prototype baby toys and offer a call out for requests from my Etsy shop. I’ve been felting Halloween themed cuties all week and have fun plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas corgis to come.

Who else remembers Wee Forest Folks? WFF are one of my biggest inspirations: tiny mice dressed in various outfits going about their day to day activities. So cute. I have dozens of them. As far as i know, the mice are sculpted and painted by hand by just a few familiy members in Maine or somewhere elseย  (Massachusettes, apparently)… i always wanted to work for them “when i grew up” so now, i felt tiny corgis and sheep. Close, right? The wee mice come permanantly dressed in their garb, but i like the idea of keeping my Fiber Friends “naked” with garments added on for the seasons. I might change this idea…. what do you think? Developing a whole collection of seasonal Fiber Friends could be a lot of fun, i suppose. This is still a new business for me, so i’m open to experimentation and customer feedback. Leave me a comment with your inclination.

I’m thinking Halloween is rather furtive, but Christmas lasts all year for some. I’ll keep making the costumes for my Halloween pets detachable, but i’m thinking Christmas themes carry more weight. So, look for some Fiber Friends decked out in sweaters, red noses and reindeer antlers, permanently affixed in a month or so. I’m pretty excited to add ornaments to my corral of critters.

And now: the WINNERS! “Randomly chosen” to receive 1 prototype toy from my workshop are:

FOY! My lovely blog hop co-host has a cute baby girl who just absolutely must get her hands on some felt.

Melissa! A fellow Willamette valley-ite gets a clinch on the win simply due to the fact that i want an excuse to visit her farm in Monroe. ๐Ÿ˜‰

jaime bilyeu! For fairness, i must also pick someone i don’t actually know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Winners: contact me with your address and look for your prototype in the mail sometime in the next few months. My business plan is currently weak at best. haha! Time to head to work for me. Have a great Friday everyone. Leave me a comment with any ideas or requests for what you’d like to see in my shop!

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