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Welcome to this week’s Eat Make Grow Blog Hop where you share what you have been eating with your family, growing in your garden or making with all your creative impulses. Eat Make Grow is a collective link party that is shared across three blogs and runs every Thursday-Tuesday. Whichever blog that you choose to link up your post, it will show up on all three sites! Eat Make Grow is a way to share with many people posts about your domestic doings, whether that’s growing veggies, hosting parties, sewing, mixing up cleaning supplies, or trying out a new recipe. We want to learn about it! Every week, we will feature the most popular link, and one chosen by the the host. This week, your host is Foy!

Your Hosts:

Miranda from Pocket Pause
Marigold from Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!
Foy from Garden. Cook. Write. Repeat.

We’re not big fans of rules so there are just two of them:
No big corporation or business advertising or promotional posts. Let’s not dilute Eat Make Grow with junky posts. We don’t mind helping out the little home grown businesses of independent bloggers or handmade merchants (Etsy, etc.). **We will be deleting any spammy posts**
Please link your posts back to one of the hosting blogs. This is a common blog hop courtesy. This link helps build the Eat Make Grow community by sending your readers to all of the other participant’s posts. We will feature two posts each week and we will only consider posts that have a link back. A text link is fine, or you can grab this button and put it anywhere on your blog:

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Welcome to October!  Did you all see that lovely harvest moon? I’m Foy of Garden. Cook. Write. Repeat., your host for this week.  The leaves are changing colors here in Indiana and my chest freezer is filling with all the good things from the garden.  It was great to see what you all are up to last week.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store this week.I have one little order of business before we get to the featured publishers.  Now that this little hop is on #10 we will be removing any entries that are not how to make something.  A recipe, crafty DIY tutorials or garden instructions are what we are after.  By vetting we hope to make a stronger blog hop.  One that will be come a destination for folks who want inspiration for their families, kitchens and gardens.  Thanks to all of you who are contributing!Our featured posts of the week are *drum roll*:

Green Idea Review’s “Making Your Own Beef Stock or Broth – Is it Worth it? A Real Food Recipe Review“.  This was our clear winner by the most clicks.  Victoria makes an excellent case for why home made broth is better and makes it sound easy with her simple instructions.  She wrote, “Overall, making homemade beef stock was easy, especially with the slow cooker.  The stock yield was good, and the flavor was excellent.  It was much better than any store bought stock I’ve tried, and way more nutritious as well.”

I picked A Life Unprocessed’s “Making Lacto-Fermented Sauerkraut” for the Host’s Choice this week.  This post answered a lot of questions I had about making kraut.  I tried making my own this summer using the Ball Blue Book recipe, but when I got fruit fly maggots growing in it, I threw it out.  I now see my mistake was not covering the jar with a tea towel!  Mellow, you give me the courage to try again!  And I also want to try out making mead after following a link think to this post.

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And as a reminder, PLEASE remember to add a text link or button for Eat Make Grow to your blog when you link up. We’ve had to pass up lots of great posts to feature because of not having a backlink :(

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