Wordless Wednesday: Waiting

Two of my does are due to kindle YESTERDAY and i’m about at my wits end with anticipation!

This is my very first littler from my “flock” of meat rabbits. I’m finding it hard not to check on them every 10 minutes. They WILL have babies, as they can’t stay inside… but there are plenty of variables to worry about.

Have you ever kept rabbits? Share your kindling experiences!


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  1. francine magnan

    when you find a lot of fur in the nest..taken from her belly…it will be very near…
    they are so beautiful…when you want to take them in your hands just rub them
    with a bit of fur before taking them…
    you could get as much as 11!!!!’
    have a very nice summer

  2. Linda

    How exciting for you. I would not make a good farm person as I would want to make all those animals pets. I had two Dutch rabbits as a child and once we even found an orphaned wild baby. At our library we also had a rabbit for the kids. They were all very docile and loved attention. Best of luck in your new venture!

  3. Good luck! In case you haven’t heard, the first litter usually doesn’t go well. The doe doesn’t quite know what she’s doing yet and often doesn’t cover them up or care for them properly. Only one of our three breeding does did a good job her first time. The others it took 2 tries to get it right. So don’t be too concerned.
    Laura recently posted…On the Quail Trail

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