Our Project Manager

Pocket is a great assistant, but she’s also an excellent project manager. She doesn’t feel the need to micromanage, but can sit just out of the way to let her minions do all the work while providing the occasional woof of constructive criticism.

Our garden fence is about 8 feet high – we’ll use 6 foot welded wire fencing and run a strand or two of wire above that. This height of fence alone should deter the deer fairly well, but we also have plans for a ‘chicken/duck mote’ around the outside of it: a shorter fence that will surround the tall fence. This first year we’ll be using temperary fencing for the mote with plans of putting in a permanent fence later on. We’re building all our gates to be chicken/duck proof in anticipation and can’t wait to have buck/weed prowlers keeping the perimeter of our garden secure! My bucolic dream involves eveningsĀ  letting our flock of Runner Ducks into the garden to sup upon bugs and snails while i harvest and then herd them back into their mote. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

For now we’re struggling to get the fence done…. at least Pocket’s around to help.

Our garden fencing/shed building project is about 2 weeks behind: the kale is germinating, it’s nearly the safe time to plant frost sensitive veggies, and i should be spending my time with more garden tools and fewer building tools….. but that’s just not how it goes around here (when you have an unreliable truck, off farm jobs, and unexpected accidents). I’m really hoping i can post the finished garden before the end of the month so i can get planting! Wish us luck!

What sort of fencing do you use to keep deer/critters out of your garden?



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  1. Joy Giles

    What a difference a region makes. Here in South Austin, kale and greens of all types other than chard are a thing of the past, but onions and garlic drying, tomatoes are turning, green beans, squash and pepper are producing and potatoes about to be dug. Love what you are doing with the garden and fencing.

    • I KNOW! A. i miss getting to start gardening early… B it’s kind of nice to have a little longer to get ready. :) I’m going to miss that Austin sunshine! But not hte leaf footed bugs!

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